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Your website provides the first insight many potential customers have into the product or service your business provides. It also presents your brand in a way that remains almost entirely in your control. Word of mouth has an important but limited role in your marketing efforts, and print advertising costs more to reach fewer people. A strong, website development program will bring the viewers you want to reach to you. Unfortunately, too many people try to do this themselves, relying on free or cheap tools to patch together a website and hope that it will get them the results they need. Just like anything else, though, you get better results when you work with experts who understand what works. A website requires not only excellent content, but the right graphics, the right code, and the right presentation of your company. You need not only to bring people to you, but to give those website visitors a reason to become your customers.

At 1st in SEO, we know the difference between creating a website and building a web presence that works to help build your business. When you work with us, we start at the beginning, and create that presence in a way that reflects who you are and what you do—and why your potential customers should want to work with you. We provide you with an active marketing tool that will lift you to where you want your business to be. A total website development strategy should be a very important part of your marketing plan.

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Website Design

Albuquerque Website Design

Before we begin work, we sit down and take the time to understand who you are and what you do. Your web design should never come from a cookie-cutter, one size fits all template. It should reflect you not only in the words you place there, but in the style, the format, the entire feel of the site. And neither we nor anyone else can know how to create that without working first to know who you are.

Next, we take the time to map out with you how your website should both look and function. We bring experience and expertise to this discussion, and will advise you based on our understanding of your business and your brand. Still, we work for you, and work to ensure that your vision comes to life. We prepare a layout of your site with you to ensure you are happy with the direction, design, and flow of your site, both what each page will provide and how your potential customers will navigate among those pages.

This approach to web design means that we involve you not only in what we do for you, but why we are doing it. We don’t use or create a font, a graphic, or a word without your seeing what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it reflects your company. Each web design is unique, just as you are. This allows us to lay the groundwork for a rich, dynamic online presence that works both to bring visitors to your site and to convert those site visits into the sales that form the lifeblood of your business.

Build Your Website

Build Your Website

From here, we move from theory into practice. The process of building your website starts with the map we build in the design stage. We adhere carefully to the map we lay out with you, and to the branding and direction we have established. Every page must reflect your identity, in graphic design and placement, in the links between pages and the balance between text and images.

In addition to reflecting you and your business, we execute the design with SEO in mind. We never rely on low-quality, stock visual content for your site. Every image and video we create consists of original visuals that we create and place specifically for you. We also build metadata into all of the image and video content we prepare so that this content ranks in Google and Bing image and video searches, apart from and in addition to the written content we provide.

In short, we design with purpose. Everything we do when we build out your site focuses on two sides of the SEO design equation: improving your search rankings and improving the experience of visitors who find you online. After all, bringing in page views is important, but it only matters if online users like what they see once they get to your site. We create a pleasing visual space for you online, one that balances text and visuals within each page, and one that helps you rank for both kinds of content.

Realistically speaking, anyone who can use a computer can build a website. Tools both cheap and free exist that walk people through the process of buying a domain name and setting up hosting. And people use them every day to build mediocre sites that look like what anyone else could do and reach toward the middle of the page rankings, over and over again. They get a place to exist online, a placeholder that says who they are and what they do to anyone who accidentally stumbles across the information.

If this is what you want to represent your business and your brand, 1st in SEO is not the company you should call. We take pride in what we do, and operate not merely as a vendor, but as a trusted partner for our clients. We will never stop at doing what anyone can do for themselves. Your business is worth more to you—and more to us—than that. We will build a site you can be proud of, one that shows who you are and works to bring more customers to you.

Website Development

Albuquerque Website Development

One of the beautiful aspects of website marketing, though, is that you can continue to adjust as you go. Whereas print advertising is set the moment it goes out the door, a good website can continue to build and improve over time. It can flex out for optimal appearance regardless of the device on which customers view it. It can add content to continue to stay fresh over time. And it can adjust layouts, verbiage, and anything else to continue striving for peak performance.

We work with you to build out the best website for your purposes. Still, as a business owner, you know that constant improvement is the key to your ability to not only survive, but thrive. One way we can help you do this is to conduct A/B testing, either before your site goes live or after, setting up a page in two versions with one key difference. This allows us to test your performance under each iteration and select the one that performs better. Over time, this rigorous testing method can create a powerfully effective online marketing tool for you.

In addition, we follow and monitor your overall performance over time. If there is a slip in rankings, we look deeper into the numbers to understand why, and adjust moving forward. For as long as we work with you, we will continue to maintain this service and build your rankings and your audience over time. Our goal is to contribute new content and new experiences regularly, as this helps maintain your rankings and drive them higher over time. We tweak and add and build over time, truly developing your website after we build it out.
Beyond this, though, we will keep an eye on your conversions from that audience. All the site visitors in the world will never help your business unless they act on your content and contribute to your revenue streams. We work with you to create e-commerce streams where possible and wanted, and find other ways to track your conversions from web visitors to sales. When these flag or falter, we work with you to adjust, restore, and rebuild that revenue.

Your website should operate as a live tool for your business. The marketing aspect is obvious; it leads people to you, gets you noticed, and shows people how to become your customers. Our website development services treat this not as the finish line, but as a starting point. You aren’t in business simply to do well today, but to continue building and growing over time. You should be better today than you were yesterday, but you should also be better next week than you are today, and better still next month and next year.


At 1st in SEO, we understand that for your business to keep developing, your website must do so as well. At times your business leads the way, when you grow into new areas that require a new website page or updated content. But at times the site leads the way as well, by driving new traffic and new customers to help you build your base and grow to meet demand. In either of these ways and myriad others, 1st in SEO’s Website Design service in Albuquerque is here to help. Contact us today, and let us help you grow into your future.

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How Long Does It Take For Web Development Albuquerque?

The time it takes to design/build a website depends on the size and complexity of your website. A basic website typically takes around 4-6 weeks from beginning to end. A more complex project can take longer. For more info, contact our experts of web design Albuquerque.

How Long Will it Take to Get on the First Page of Google?

Getting on the first page depends on the number of factors that include:

  • How new is the website?
  • Where do you rank currently?
  • How competitive are the target keywords?

These questions make it important to have an SEO roadmap to success. Typically our clients see major increases in website traffic within 3 months.

How Much Does SEO in Albuquerque Cost?

The cost of SEO campaigns depend on the magnitude of the project, ongoing efforts, and chosen strategy. Our SEO plans starting as low as $399/month. Let us find a plan that works for your marketing budget.

Does My New Website Need to Be Responsive?

Yes. A responsive website will adapt to any screen, regardless of what type of device the user is on. Responsive design improves user experience and accommodates the needs of everyone, whether they are on a desktop, a smartphone or tablet. In fact it’s a significant ranking factor according to Google. If you need help making your website responsive get help from our web design experts in Albuquerque!

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