Rule Local Search Listings

20 / January 2016,

Rule Local Search Listings

You Can Rule Your Local Search Listings


We Can Help By Developing Your Directory Listings!


According to research performed by BIA/Kelsey, the Internet is used as a research tool by 97% of consumers. In fact, more than half of Americans have replaced their phonebook completely with online searches.

Because of these facts, the Internet has become littered with business listing sites. Which local directories should your brand be using? How do you create a listing for these sites? How can your business become the top result for local searches? We’re glad you asked!

It is important to get listed on all of the most reputable directories. It is also vital to ensure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date at all times. Some directories even offer a premium option with additional features.


Creating Your Directory Listings

At 1st in SEO, we won’t cut corners with your directory information by using data feeds. We want your information to be 100% accurate and consistent in every directory on which it appears. We believe that accuracy is the most important feature of a business listing. Not only is wrong information confusing for customers, but it can confuse Google as well and hurt your search ranking.
To streamline our process, we ask you for all of the necessary business information once. Then we use that information to complete all of the listings for you, whether it is just a few sites or hundreds of them. Our detail-oriented staff is committed to helping your business succeed.


Which Listings Are Best for Your Business?

local seo and online listing pictureDon’t worry. We’ll figure that out for you. It seems like new directories are constantly popping up, but that doesn’t mean your business should be on all of them. Our SEO specialists are constantly crunching the numbers to see which listings are the most important to local rankings.

To determine which listings are best for your organization, we take into consideration the products or services that your brand offers. We also consider which listings are the most popular in your area. Our list is always being updated, so you can rest assured that your information will end up everywhere that it needs to be.


Our Local Search Services Get Real Results

We combine the information that we gather from you about your brand with our team’s extensive knowledge of local SEO to create descriptions that drive targeted traffic to your business. Our goal is to help your brand:
• Achieve a higher search engine rank
• Acquire positive reviews
• Be easy to find via mobile search
• Enjoy consistent and accurate information across listings
• Be listed in every major directory and many others important to your industry or location
• Rank high locally


Our Local Listings Services

albuquerque local seo marketing pictureSearch and Track – We find the existing listings for your business, so they can be accurately tracked.

Information Correction – When we locate information about your business that is inaccurate, we fix it. We locate misinformation by searching for old business names, addresses, and phone numbers. If we find listings with the old info, we update it.

Competition Tracking – We search for your competitors in the listings. Why? If they are listed in a directory where you are not, we add your listing. That allows no room for your competitors to attract uncontested attention.

Citation Prioritizing – By comparing citations, we allow you to determine which ones are the most important to your business.

Transparent Reporting – We provide reports that allow you to see your local SEO Empire growing right before your eyes.

It’s time to take control of your company’s local listings. Contact us today to get started!

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