Why You Shouldn’t Use Infinite Scrolling in Web Design

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03 / January 2022,

Why You Shouldn’t Use Infinite Scrolling in Web Design

Creating an excellent user experience that makes your website more appealing is often talked about in digital marketing. Infinite scrolling, or automatic pagination, can be a nice way to allow users to scroll through content without having to reach an end point, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its problems and shortcomings. The following four reasons explain why you shouldn’t use infinite scrolling on web design in Albuquerque.

What is Infinite Scrolling?

As opposed to loading a new page with every click, infinite scrolling loads new content automatically as you scroll down your web page. The theory is that users will want to keep browsing and reading if they don’t have to click again. Essentially, your visitors just keep scrolling down and fresh content will continue to load.

Why You Shouldn’t Infinite Scrolling?

An expert specialized in web design in Albuquerque suggests the following reasons:

  • It Doesn’t Load Well:

When users come to a page, they expect that all of its elements will be readily available and within easy reach. If you’re loading more and more content as they scroll down a page, it’s likely that your visitors have to wait for additional pages to load before they can interact with your website. This creates a poor user experience and can make your site look unprofessional in their eyes.

  • Your Readers May Feel Lost:

Because infinite scrolling displays content as soon as its available, users are often left wondering how many items they’ve viewed and how many more there are to see. This can be frustrating if you want to get a sense of where you are in a list (like a long stream of tweets or a listicle). Instead, they feel like they’re falling down an endlessly deep hole.

  • Users May Not Know if they are at the End of the Page:

When you’re using infinite scrolling, users will only see one page at a time and they won’t know when they have reached the end of that page. This leads to frustration and confusion, as well as an abandonment of your content. Infinite scrolling can also make it difficult for users to navigate your page and figure out where to go next.

  • It Can Impact Your Conversion Rate:

During the website development process, it’s important to remember that users aren’t always ready to convert. It could be because they aren’t ready to buy or they want to learn more about you. But with infinite scrolling, readers aren’t actually coming to a dead stop at each individual page. Instead, they are scrolling down quickly and continuing on, which can make your post look like one long ad. The less your readers feel engaged in what they’re reading, the more likely they are to leave and never come back.

While some users find infinite scrolling convenient and easy to use, SEO marketers and even Google suggest not to implement the same, mainly because it can impact your ranking and overall website performance. Talk to a web design company for assistance.