Why You Should Embrace Dark Mode in Web Design

Image by purwaka seta from Pixabay

01 / March 2021,

Why You Should Embrace Dark Mode in Web Design

Dark mode has been getting quite a hype in the recent times, as people are using their devices more than ever, particularly since the outbreak of the pandemic. Tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Apple have acknowledged the demand for dark mode, and have been implementing the same across their apps and OSes.

Websites are also transitioning to dark mode to improve traffic and SEO – a popular example being YouTube, the second largest search engine. So why should you adopt dark mode for your web design in Albuquerque? These benefits will give you the answer.

Reduces Eye Strain:

The main reason people love dark mode is that it’s easy on the eyes. They spend hours scrolling through content on websites or social media for hours. Being glued to the bright, blue screens – specifically at night or in a dark room – causes eye strain. It may also develop headaches for some. When apps or web design in Albuquerque has dark mode enabled, people are likely to stay longer when they are researching or buying something. Dark mode is not just good for your eyes, but it reduces bounce rate too!

Saves Battery:

Another benefit of dark mode for users is the extended battery life. Upon testing, it’s been discovered that dark mode can improve battery life for devices with OLED screens. So many Android and iOS devices already use OLED, so this is great news for people using their smartphones to browse the web or do online shopping, especially when they’re on the move.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Dark mode lets you be more creative with website development and design. It presents more opportunities to experiment and present graphic content with great colors, font, and style. You’ll notice that the colors generally look better on dark backgrounds. Web visitors would be pleased by the dark theme that’s less tiring to the eye and the captivating colors/designs that make your brand stand out.

Let Users Make the Choice:

Dark mode is one of the biggest trends in web design, but it’s not for everyone. For people who use their devices outdoors on a bright, sunny day, it might be frustrating to not be able to see or read content in dark mode. So, set up web design the right way by giving users the ability to toggle between dark and light modes. Popular websites including YouTube, Twitter, and more, allows their visitors to switch between light and dark themes based on their preference. Regardless of the time of the day, your users will stick around and browse your site for long.

Better user experience eventually results in better SEO. Dark mode is one of the ways to make web usage more convenient. Talk to a web design company if you need to integrate the power of dark mode to your website.