Why Podcasts Should be a Part of Your Content Strategy – 5 Reasons

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20 / December 2019,

Why Podcasts Should be a Part of Your Content Strategy – 5 Reasons

Podcasts are an engaging form of audio content that includes plenty of information that entices both businesses and listeners alike. Several people don’t recognize the power and potential of podcasts. Here are 5 reasons explained by the Albuquerque digital marketing professionals as to why you should include podcasts to your content strategy:


With regards to content consumption, podcasts are easy for a listener. One has to sit and read a written blog content, or watch a video throughout. On the other hand, a listener will just have to hit the play button and listen to the podcast, while they work on something else. Simply put, podcasts make multitasking easy. This is a win-win for both the content creator and listener.

Less Competition:

Written and visual content space is competitive these days. According to the Albuquerque digital marketing experts, businesses and influencers can find great success with podcasts due to high engagement rates and low competition. There is only a limited number of podcasts available at present, which gives you an opportunity to create and develop your own with more listeners coming in at a faster pace.

Loyal Audience:

A majority of listeners will be loyal fans of their favorite podcasts. They create a good relationship with the host and would be curious enough to come back and see what the new episode has got to offer. If you could connect with your audience, it would not be easy for your competitors to get those listeners to their shows. This is beneficial, as you get to promote your social media channels to your podcast listeners that paves the way for organic conversions, brand awareness, and Albuquerque SEO success.

Mobile Friendly:

Another great advantage of podcasts is that it is extremely mobile friendly. Several people listen to the favorite podcast through their smartphones during their commute. As smartphones are increasingly adopted in day-to-day activities, it is necessary to create content that is conveniently compatible with mobile devices. Podcasts perfectly fit this criterion, as it lets the users consume the audio content when they are at the gym, travelling in their vehicle, walking down the street, or doing their household chores.


When it comes to the expenses associated with content creation, podcasts are scalable and easy on budget. You could use an entry level equipment when starting out to record acceptable quality audio for your podcast. As your audience grows in numbers, you might have to invest a little more on a relatively costly equipment that keeps your audience happy.

Podcasts are a great tool in enhancing your brand reputation, as the audience get information directly from a credible source, which is you. Your audience will rely upon you to obtain useful information and answers to any questions and problems they might have. Podcasts are also beneficial in terms of developing brand awareness and will, in turn complement your online marketing efforts. Contact an Albuquerque SEO company for more details and assistance.