Which Is Better For Marketing Facebook Or Instagram?

Image by Kevin King(Chandana Perera) from Pixabay

23 / November 2020,

Which Is Better For Marketing Facebook Or Instagram?

Facebook has always been considered as the big guy across the social platforms when it comes to social media marketing. It has about 2.38 billion active users. It has been in existence for over 15 years now, and has opened new possibilities for businesses. Then emerged the new kid on the block, Instagram in 2010. It has grown to a massive 1 billion monthly active user database now.  This growth is definitely not very surprising, since we are at a space where users are spending more time browsing on their mobile phones.  With such a massive user base, it is clear that these social platforms are powerful, offering great opportunities for your brand.

Okay, so which social platform should you invest your time into – Facebook or Instagram? Keep reading to understand the views of Albuquerque digital marketing experts to understand which one is better and where your brand should focus more –

User Base

Facebook is the most common social media platform with a wide user base. There are nearly 3 billion active users in Facebook. Instagram has to make a lot of catching up in this aspect. It is pretty evident that Facebook has access to a large base of people regardless of age groups and geographical boundaries.

User Group

Here comes the major difference between Facebook and Instagram, the user group. Facebook is like a free ticket, which anyone can access irrespective of their age.  Facebook has taken an upper hand after the dwindling of Orkut and Myspace, and it has been soaring high for the past 10+ years. On the other hand, Instagram stands out popular among the millennial group, those who are born after 1990s. Now, the point is which platform can influence the audience better. The result is, millennial group is easy to influence and convince, whereas the people born before 1990s are tough to persuade. Hence, the Albuquerque SEO experts suggest using Instagram platform to influence the customers.


Facebook algorithm was considered to be the best of its kind, but after it encountered the US election and Russian deception controversy, it took a serious toll on the businesses too which relied more on Facebook. In spite of having a huge user base, the reach is quite less when compared to Instagram. You can always rely on a professional SEO company in Albuquerque that possesses required knowledge to work with social platforms.

Audience Engagement

Instagram is undoubtedly the kind, when it comes to audience engagement. The engagement rate in Facebook is only 2-5%, while it stands high at 30% for Instagram. Visual treat is offered in Instagram, and since the audience is receptive to ads, they appreciate visually appealing things there.