What Do You Need To Know Before Creating A Website?

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16 / November 2020,

What Do You Need To Know Before Creating A Website?

Having a website, has become an essential component of any business, as it drives qualified customers towards your business. Most professionals in web design Albuquerque are focused on designing a website blended with a lot of creativity and latest technology to cater to your business requirements. But, always keep in mind that the website must be built in such a way that it adheres to the Google webmaster guidelines, drives in potential leads and results in conversions.  Therefore, when preparing to build a website, formulate a strategy and discuss with your expert in web design Albuquerque to identify the important factors when developing a website.

Here are a few guidelines from the experts in website development

Explore Your Competitor’s Website

Before designing your website, carry out a competitor analysis to comprehend the designs and features offered in their website. Establishing a good website depends on the mix of competitor’s ideas and your own creativity.

Appropriate Domain Name and Hosting Provider

When you are looking to create your business website, make sure to choose a domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce. This will make sure that it stays in the minds of the people and help you stay ahead of the competitors.  Also, when choosing a hosting provider, consider the purpose of your website, the services you provide and the amount of traffic you are expecting on the website. Always keep in mind that your website must be highly responsive with no downtime.

Simple Design

Extreme graphics on your website could make your business less responsive. So, keep your website simple with appealing colors to attract the attention of your viewers. When you work with a web design company, they will work to match your business, logo and audience attention.

Website Functionalities

Make sure to include the essential functionalities like – easy navigation across webpages, site maps, customer feedback, call to action etc. Keep the user’s experience in mind when designing the website, as it will help with the success of your business.

Loading Time

Loading time of website greatly impacts the search engine rankings. Always remember that your customers are busy, and they can’t spare their precious time for your slow loading website. If your website is not quick to load, they will navigate to your competitor’s website. Lesser the loading time of your website, greater will be your positive user experience.

Browser Compatibility

The digital era, there are a number of browsers. Make sure that your website is compatible across all the browsers ranging from chrome, internet explorer, opera, firefox etc.


With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, it has created the need for websites to be available across the mobile too. Also, if your website is not mobile friendly, there are greater possibilities for your website for not gaining better ranks on the search engines.