What Are Some Common Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid?

22 / July 2020,

What Are Some Common Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid?

Creating engaging and effective content is the key to successfully market your brand and drive potential traffic to your website. You must be clear when it comes to content marketing, to avoid the risk of wasting time and money. There are many potential benefits offered by content marketing for your business. It can help increase your revenue, get connected with your audience, and increase the online presence of your brand, helping with your Albuquerque digital marketing goals. But, amid all this, there are a few content mistakes that can hamper your endeavors and pull down any potential benefits. This is why, we have listed out some common content marketing mistakes as suggested by the experts from SEO company in Albuquerque

Not Understanding the Audience

Unclear communication, which fails to understand the requirements of the customer, could be a failure. It will also drain out your time and energy, while ending up as a frustration for the customers. Obviously, it is sure to have a negative impact on your brand.

Lack of Planning

Always keep in mind, you should be aiming at creating meaningful content rather can a vague content that creates noise. For this, you need to have an appropriate content plan in place that aligns with your organizational goals. It is imperative to understand the following – who, when, what, how, when and why before drafting a content. Without responding to these questions, your content strategy is sure to stay ineffective.

Not Optimizing for SEO

Your informative and well-written content is not going to help anyone if it is ranking beyond the page #1. Though your first priority must remain writing informative contents for the reader, you must also focus on optimizing your content for the search engines. So, pay close attention to your headers, and sub headings. Think about what type of audience will look out for your content. Research for those words in the keyword research tool, and find the ones that best match your industry type. Now, use these words in your content, headers and sub-headers that the people will search. If you require help with SEO friendly well-written contents, get in touch with Albuquerque digital marketing team.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Now more than 50% of the web traffic is on mobile phones. Since the search engines like Google are compelling websites to follow a mobile-first approach for the indexing process, it is important that your content remains mobile-friendly.  Take a look at your content on the mobile device, is it loading quickly or does the text appear big enough to be read without any difficulty on the mobile device?  If No, then get the help of Albuquerque SEO experts to make your content mobile-friendly, most importantly reader-friendly.

The content on your website can help establish your business as a trusted expert in your niche.  It can lessen the sales cycle by answering the most queries, your prospects are like to have, even before they get in touch with you. Always remember that 70% of the buying decision happens even before a person contacts the business. So, take your content marketing seriously!