Web Design Trends in Albuquerque

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19 / June 2019,

Web Design Trends in Albuquerque

So it is midway through 2019 and the world has seen some amazing technological advancements. Technology seems to be in a race to break its own records. Machines get smarter every day, humans can chat with robots and you can control so many things in your house with a voice command. This is just a tip of the advancement made so far, but do we see the same advancements in web design Albuquerque? Here are some of the trends that are challenging the norm in 2019 so far.

The Rise of Black and White

Modern websites have been designed with clever use of black and white. While we are used to color and it is very important in attracting attention, black and white are equally able to make a bold statement. When used properly and then a little color is added to emphasize a point or draw attention to a call for action, a website will go a long way towards hitting its target.

Glitch Art

This is rather amusing since we are talking about errors being a trend. Yes, modern web design is embracing the glitch art from the days when films were not perfect and it is using that to create a psychedelic effect on websites. This proves to be a good attention grabber.

Serifs Formatting

Websites are experiencing a shakeup to the formatting in 2019. While we were used to ‘Sans’ for websites, ‘Serifs’ is now the new trend as it adds beauty and attracts attention. You will notice attention is very important for a website so Serifs gets the job done especially for titles.

Shapes from Nature

To enhance the user experience and add depth to a website, shapes that are not geometrically perfect are the new thing. Curves seem to create an inviting relaxation for a visitor to the site. An experienced web design company Albuquerque would advise a client to change their perfect squares, circles, and triangles into shapes that can be seen in nature instead.

Intelligent Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is now the buzz and that has enabled websites to improve their chatbots. These are able to learn and provide a customized experience for visitors to a website. There are now more questions answered and suggestions that they provide to improve the experience of visitors to a website.

Less is More

2019 has embraced the culture of minimalism for websites. Showing less will make it more likely that the visitor finds what they are looking for. White space is being effectively utilized to avoid a situation where web visitors are feeling spoiled for choice and instead are motivated to choose what is in front of them.

More Videos

There is a lot of information online and some people just do not have the patience to read through it. This is one of the reasons Google seems to be prioritizing video content in search results. Website design Albuquerque is taking on the trend of providing more video content.

By the end of 2019, it will be a lot different when it comes to web design Albuquerque. We already see mobile-friendly navigation taking hold with websites designed for thumb navigation. The hamburger menu will become even more popular and who knows what else we can expect to see.