Web Design Is Moving Forward! The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2019

21 / December 2018,

Web Design Is Moving Forward! The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2019

With the New Year approaching, you might have come across people who talk about the trends that will dominate the year in various genres including fashion, decoration, SEO, and more. Web design trends are no exception, but one should remember, the changes don’t happen quickly but take long, slow steps that occur over greater periods of time. So, as the experts of Albuquerque SEO NM, here we’ve listed a few web design trends that are sure to dominate 2019.

Site Speed

Did you know you have less than three seconds to make a good impression with a potential customer? According to the recent research reports, 50% of users say that when they click on a site, it should load in two seconds or less and that they will abandon a site if it takes three or more seconds to load.

With the Google Speed update rolled out in July 2018, Google has begun prioritizing rankings for sites that load faster than others. So, it’s important for the web designers to prioritize speed during the design process and incorporated pictures to the website in a manner that they don’t slow down loading times.

Mobile First

As mobile searches overtook desktop searches in the year 2015, Google now prioritizes mobile sites over sites that aren’t mobile friendly. These days, the mobile first design has become a huge trend and has changed the way that websites are designed fundamentally. With the mobile first design, you must design the site for the mobile user first before creating a version that will also work for a desktop user.

Single Page Design

When talking about web design in Albuquerque, single page design or the pageless design has become the future trend. In single page design, websites have only one page instead of multiple services. You may think that without the pages and the content that you would normally have, it would be harder to rank for particular keywords. But, these uncluttered, clean, simple websites are being favored by search engines as they can quickly and easily be downloaded on mobile devices. Moreover, they look great on every browsing device, and there’s nowhere for the user to get distracted which results in more leads and more business.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are going to be the most popular web design trend of 2019. Great news for those who think that videos would bog down a site too much is that video backgrounds have been shown to increase conversions. They are more compelling than images and text and are attention-getting. Having a nice, high-quality video background on your website can do a lot for your branding.


Micro-animations are the great ways to satisfy user experience help the user understand the site and validate them when they mouse over or click on an element. This grabs the attention of the user and creates an enriched experience for them as they navigate a site.

In addition to these, chatbots and machine learning will continue to enhance user interactions with websites. Don’t overlook this feature in your web design because a website that already knows exactly what your customer is looking for by simply analyzing their past interactions with your company is greater than any other features. Contact your Albuquerque SEO company for more information.