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    Video and Animation Creation

    Websites with videos and animation are much more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results than those without. In fact, one study in 2009 showed such pages to be fifty-three times more likely to rank there! With this in mind, site owners would be foolish not to use embedded videos on their pages. In particular, videos that provide answers to questions searches ask are invaluable to your site rankings and web presence.

    This makes innate sense, of course; search engines exist to connect users to information, so any means of effectively providing that information should help boost your site rankings. 1st in SEO will help you place effective videos and animation in your website to boost your rankings and help ensure that your potential customers can find you.

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    Why Video and Animation Matter to SEO

    Google first introduced its universal search feature in 2007. This was designed to help users find more than just text results in their searches. From that moment, using videos in SEO marketing started to become important. Over the eight-plus years in the meantime, the algorithms have only become more effective at finding and boosting sites that provide this kind of content. While sites aren’t technically penalized for not providing video or animation within their content, they lose out on a potential boost that they could receive.

    In the past, video content could actually hurt a website’s search rankings. Load times on standard modems created problems for any kind of rich, detailed content, and a slow load time meant lower rankings. Now, though, high-speed internet is ubiquitous, and will only become more so with the move major search engines are making to http/2. There are far fewer reasons not to add video content than there are to add it.

    Of course, this content only helps you if it remains relevant to the rest of your site. Your videos and animation can enhance your site greatly if you create something tied to your brand and presence. Video for the sake of having it will make your page more disjointed. This means two things: borrowed content is only effective if it fits directly with your brand and site, and content you create specifically for your site is best.

    1st in SEO has expertise gained over time in creating specific video and animation content for business sites. We will work with you to develop content within the context of each web page on which it appears, and in doing so to raise your profile to new heights.

    Our Approach to Video and Animation

    Our approach to doing this is, as with all of our content marketing, to begin with you. Your business identity defines and informs everything that we create for you. Your animation or your embedded video must fit within the themes on your site, and they must make sense with the kind of content you want your customers to see. Humor works well in some situations, but not in others. Some sites do better with abstract imagery, while others require a direct approach that includes visuals of your physical location. We come to you with no preconceptions, but with the ability to understand you and develop your visual and audio content accordingly.

    We believe in direct, focused video content. This means we create videos of no longer than 60 seconds. Studies show that video content up to that length tends to grab users’ attention, and hold them on your page for significantly longer than pages without video content keep people’s attention. On the other hand, longer videos tend to lose viewers; they lack either the time or the interest to watch longer video content in the context of a page.

    Besides the length, we work to keep videos and animation focused on what you do and who you are. Your brand comes first for you and for us. Any animation we create for you, any video we embed in your site, will deliver visual confirmation of your professional identity. From your color scheme to your visual angles and to the actual content within the video or animation, all of it serves as a reflection on you.

    Blending Video and Animation into Your Marketing

    Because your visual content has to fit within your overall theme and brand, we use written content around it to help it fit within the page. While search engines have become adept at identifying the content within a video file, they still work better if there is textual support as well. Partial transcription of what is in a video helps search engines, and also inspires viewers to click on the videos and spend more time on your content. In either case, the work around the visual files further layers your site and builds on your SEO success.

    The repetition works in the other direction as well. Some users, particularly those seeking an informative answer that a video file appears to convey, will immediately click to the visual first. You want to include enough meaningful content to let this work for a user, to answer a question in understandable terms. This can in turn lead a reader to return to the rest of the content on a page to lend context to the video they just watched. In both of these cases, you provide a reason for the person to spend time with your content and learn more about you as a result.

    The repetition should not be complete, though. For a site visitor to want to both look at your visual content and read the written content, you should have some overlap, but something important unique to each. The repetition should include the most important information, particularly where you page is set up to answer a specific question. But putting something extra in each will give someone a reason to spend more time, rather than pick one aspect of your site to explore and move on.

    1st in SEO for Video and Animation Content

    When you present yourself online, you want to achieve the best return on your investment. SEO marketing provides some of the best opportunity for growth because it allows you to reach a higher number of people for a lower financial outlay. To achieve the most possible from your Internet marketing, though, you need to use all of the SEO techniques available to bring in search results and boost your rankings.

    By building web pages with powerful written and video content, woven together in a meaningful, impactful way, 1st in SEO allows you to do exactly this. We will work with you to create a full website experience for those visiting your site, and in doing so lift your search rank to the top of the rankings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    1st in SEO works with you to find the most effective path to presenting your content, both video and animation and written content. We understand the value these files add to your web presence, and the importance of doing them the right way. We create compelling web pages that use videos, animation, written content, and metatags to pull in the users most relevant to your business.


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