Use these 4 Meta Tags to Improve Your SEO

01 / December 2021,

Use these 4 Meta Tags to Improve Your SEO

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for effective SEO strategies that can help them gain more traction in the digital space. One of the best techniques to improve your SEO is with the use of meta tags. There are a number of meta tags that not all businesses are aware of. Proper implementation of some of the important meta tags can significantly benefit your digital marketing strategy. Wondering what they are? Read them below:

Title Tags:

We all see them in the SERPs. Just in case you didn’t know, the <Title> tag is the clickable headline that leads you to the website. As the name suggests, title tags are something that provides you with a clear idea as to what the content in the landing page is all about.

Title tags are placed in the top section of the webpage. Considering the fact that title is the first thing people see on the search engine results pages, title tags do have an influence in digital marketing. This is why title tags should be well written to attract as many users to your site as possible.

Meta Description Tags:

Just like title tags, meta description tags will also be prominently displayed on SERPs. It includes a description about the webpage, so users would know if it’s worth checking out. Even though a description isn’t considered a ranking factor, it does play a role in increasing or decreasing CTR, clicks, and bounce rates. So, make sure that the description is enticing enough for the visitor to click through. Even better, integrating keywords within the description will help people know that they will find what they are looking for.

Header Tags:

Header tags, as the name suggests, are the headings and sub headings you see within the content. While the tags H2 to H6 aren’t always considered significant by search engines, H1 is crucial for rankings.

Structuring the content does benefit your SEO though. It becomes easy for search engines to read through an organized content and understand the concept described within. The same does apply to your visitors as well, since the content is easy to digest and navigation becomes effortless. All of this will positively improve the Albuquerque SEO of your website.

Canonical Tag:

If you have different webpages that have similar content, or the same page with several URLs, the rel=“canonical” tag will be very useful. A canonical tag is used to tell search engines which page should be indexed and discovered by people. This means all the credits will go to the specified page. When there’s duplicated content, your site won’t get penalized if canonical tag is added.

These are some of the important meta tags that are relevant to improve the rankings of your site. Get in touch with an SEO company if you need assistance in any of these.