Use Content Marketing to Gain Customers

27 / January 2016,

Use Content Marketing to Gain Customers

Use Content Marketing to Gain Customers

As recently as fifty years ago, marketing consisted primarily of television, radio, and print advertising and word of mouth. People learned about products through friends and a limited range of media options. Today, though, no matter what the product or service, the options available for the consumer, and the number of competitors for every business, have increased exponentially. Before advertising can persuade anyone to select your company, you have to find a way to get noticed.

Enter content marketing. Content marketing consists of regular, strategic delivery of interesting and relevant content as a tool to attract, motivate, and retain customers. 1st in SEO will work with you to create effective content on an ongoing basis to generate effective traffic to your website.


Why Content Is King

As Google and Bing have tweaked their search algorithms in recent years, they have worked to reduce the effectiveness of techniques like keyword stuffing and click baiting, and have instead rewarded those who operate content-rich sites with current information useful to those who would identify their sites in a search.

All of this change created some turmoil in the online marketing world, particularly among those who had become proficient in the “tricks” that were once so effective at getting website visitors. The upshot, though, is that those who put time and effort into creating a useful experience for visitors, rather than merely plugging in key terms and luring people in to underdeveloped sites.

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Keywords still matter, of course, but content marketing rewards relevant information with higher page rankings. A keyword phrase plastered through 5-10% of an article actually will yield decreased rankings, as compared to one that occurs at a more natural rate. 1st in SEO works with you to build content that will matter to your customers, using keywords in a way that does not distract from the information your customers are seeking.


Keeping It Fresh

In a world where information flows constantly, continuing to add information is vital to the sustained success of your online presence. A blog post or article on your web page can be optimized with keywords and backlinks, but if you don’t supplement your website with new information, your rankings will soon drop.

A key part of content marketing, then, is to continue to produce fresh writing. When you work with 1st in SEO, we will work with you to not only produce good writing, but to use a combination of cutting edge and evergreen information that gives potential and current customers a reason to keep coming back.

This matters for two important reasons. First, when people are attracted to your website, they will visit and give you more of their business. They see expertise and enjoy the reading experience, and as such keep your company top of mind. Second, the search engines rate sites higher that continue to produce new content. This means that the more new, relevant content you create, the better chance you have to both gain new customers and retain the existing ones.


Integrating Your Content Marketing

That said, the point is not to create content to have content. Rather, it should be something integrated with your other marketing efforts. You don’t want to churn out data that doesn’t connect to your business, because it does nothing to help your company set itself apart in the market in which you function.

For you as a business owner or manager, this means the content should always give someone a reason to come back, and a reason to believe that you know what you are doing. Political commentary might make sense if you run a political consultancy, but may not be a good move if you sell shoes. You want to engage your audience not with random information or bits of cleverness, but with something related to the reason they are looking for your company.

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At times, this can be tangential to the business. Someone in the entertainment industry might provide a list of the best movies in a particular genre, if such a list can be related to the services they provide. If you sell shoes, a funny post about feet could be tied to your ability to meet unusual fitting needs. In other words, you need not keep a laser focus in a tiny area, so long as you remain connected to what your customers need.


Your Source for Content Marketing

1st in SEO works first to understand your business and your customers. Content marketing requires an intelligent approach to writing that not only fits a set of keywords, but fits the expectations and needs of each client and those who would benefit from its products and services. We listen and learn, and then work with you to identify the kinds of information and topics that your existing and potential customers would find most useful. We will then convey in an interesting way the expertise you have in your market space, and in doing so help you excel in your marketing efforts.

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