Up Your Instagram Game with these 5 SEO Tricks

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02 / March 2020,

Up Your Instagram Game with these 5 SEO Tricks

You know that Search Engine Optimization is immensely helpful in bringing more traffic to the website. The same does apply to social media as well. We always strive to get more views or engagement rates for our posts on popular social media networks such as Instagram.

SEO isn’t applicable only on search engine platforms, since the concept of optimization and digital marketing is relevant to social media as well. Whether you need to promote your Instagram account, get more followers, or increase your sales on the social media platform, the following 5 SEO tricks will be useful for you:

Use Appropriate Hashtags:

Hashtags have become a huge trend lately. People use it to spark conversations about absolutely anything on social media. Hashtags work as search queries or keywords on Instagram, hence it is important that you use such tags that are relevant to your brand or business.

Do research and discover hashtags that are useful for improving the number of impressions and gain new followers. Check out what hashtags your competitors use, to give yourself an idea. However, do not use highly popular hashtags, as it makes your post hard to discover amongst an ocean of million other posts.

Choose a Simple Username:

It’s not just hashtags, but your username acts as an important keyword that helps others find your profile. Choose a username that is simple and readable. The users should be able to understand what your account is all about, just from your username. Being overtly creative and adding too many special characters and letters to your username would make your account less discoverable.

Make New Posts Consistently:

Consistency is not something that could be achieved right away. You must think creatively and use appealing captions, hashtags, and more, while also deciding on the posting schedule. There are third party tools that allows you to schedule publishing your Instagram posts at a time that is specified by you. You can also get the assistance of a professional SEO company for the same.

Alt Text:

The importance of Alt Text in SEO cannot be overemphasized. Instagram provides the feature of including Alt Text to your posts. Even though this was introduced as an accessibility feature, it is helpful for digital marketing purposes too. You can find the ‘Write Alt Text’ option under the advanced settings. Click on it and add a description of what is shown in your image, such as “coffee mug” for instance. This helps others searching for coffee mugs to discover your post.

Add Keywords to Your Bio:

Instagram bio is yet another spot you can use to include necessary keywords for people to come to your profile. By using the right keywords, your potential followers can see your profile in the Instagram search results.

These are some of the ways to improve your Instagram SEO. For more assistance on social media marketing, talk to the Albuquerque SEO experts who can help achieve your goals.