10 / June 2019,

They Do This, You Do That: How Behavioral Marketing Works

Traditional marketing? We all know (or remember) how that worked. You probably got a mailer in your mailbox, announcing a special offer. Or maybe you even got an individualized letter addressing you by name — at least then the company knew something about you, perhaps. If you met someone in person, it’s possible that they were able to note a few facts about you and use that to reach out with ideas or possibilities.
    But marketing has been radically shifted by both the internet and by our ability to record and maneuver data. We can now figure out a whole lot more things about potential and current customers beyond just where they live, what their first names are, and whether or not they are married, and that’s called behavioral marketing. Those patterns, buying habits, impulses, and other characteristics are a vital part of marketing in today’s day and age, and this graphic explains them in more detail.