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    The Shifting Landscape of Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing necessarily provides a moving target. Digital trends and search engine algorithms change almost daily. To reach the most potential customers available, you need to stay on top of the changes in the market, and respond accordingly. Your success depends on keeping up, and on learning to adjust and take advantage of the trends dominating the online marketing landscape. Before you launch a website or marketing campaign, then, you should be ready to capitalize on these current trends.

    Exploding Mobile Market

    More search activity occurs on mobile devices today than on laptop or desktop computers. Smartphones have become ubiquitous in our society, and they are the beginning point from which your potential customers look for information. To help them find you, you need to optimize your site for mobile search. Your design should include responsive sizing and content, and the content itself should take advantage of local SEO optimization and other mobile-friendly SEO tactics.
    Focus on Content
    Through all the changes to search optimization strategies and search engine algorithms, content remains king. Many SEO companies have relied on different ways to game the system and generate traffic through other means, and all of them have to regroup when Google responds to a tactic. The key to top search results, more than ever, is to generate excellent content that is relevant and original.Success stems from providing something your customers will want, and that converts page views into revenue opportunities for you.
    Use Images
    Images at one time could actually hamper your SEO success; they took too long to load, and the search engines could not always “read” them properly. That time is long past. When you add relevant images to your site, and optimize them through metatext, it adds visual appeal and search variety that greatly enhance your site performance. Breaking up the page with great imagery—pictures that make sense and accentuate the text in your written content—lifts your site performance to new
    Build out Video Content
    Video content, too, can help add interest and excitement for your site. People love moving content, and a high-quality video breaks up the content even more than images. You want to ensure the quality of image and sound is good, and you need to make sure site performance doesn’t suffer through lapses or delays. But a short,topical video, with a tone that fits the rest of your page, can do wonders for your SEO efforts.
    App Development
    With smartphones and tablets everywhere, more and more businesses are developing apps to make their services more accessible and easier to use. Your company can benefit from apps available on your website, both as an additional measure of your expertise for the search engines and an easy way to generate conversions from site views. Developing apps in conjunction with your website
    connects your marketing directly to your services and products, and helps with both SEO results and ROI as a result.
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