The Role of Social Media and SEO

25 / January 2016,

The Role of Social Media and SEO

The Role of Social Media in Your SEO Campaign

Social media now has hundreds of millions of active users. In fact, Facebook has over a billion active monthly users by itself. These platforms, and particularly Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, have garnered heavy usage every day, including among the people who may be or become your best customers. Traffic on these sites comprises the bulk of online activity for many online users.

While social media once represented an opportunity, this level of activity makes it less an attractive option and more an area you need to include to succeed in your marketing strategy. Layering effective social media strategies into your overall SEO marketing plan can make the difference between modest success and explosive growth for your business.


Build Your Network

The first step to your social media strategy needs to be to build your social network. Doing this requires something different from reaching out to old high school friends like you might do with a personal profile, though. Instead, you need to reach out to two groups in particular: your customers, and social media leaders in your industry. By expanding in these two areas, you give yourself a chance to drive your entire campaign to new heights.
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The reasons to bring your customers into your social media spheres should be obvious. When you keep your customers engaged in your content, you can keep giving them reasons to come back. You also gain indirect access to their friends who may also benefit from the goods and services you provide. Thus, you should always include social media links on your website and encourage customers to follow you on the different platforms. Ask, and you can build a following directly with those who may buy from you.

Bringing in others in your industry, on the other hand, feels a bit counterintuitive. Why would you intentionally associate with potential competitors? The answer here is twofold. By following those who have a reputation for expertise and knowledge in your field, you can learn from those people and grow your own knowledge base. Further, from a marketing perspective, sharing or retweeting their posts, and having them share or retweet yours, demonstrates your own expertise in the field. It also gives you a way to grow backlinks to your site, thus adding a layer to the SEO strategies you have developed.


Social Media Searches Matter

As you work to build your website’s search rankings, having your social media sites rank highly can be just as beneficial as having your main site do so. When you design your business pages with SEO marketing in mind, then, you broaden your reach considerably. This means building out meaningful posts and sharing your web content out to your network. It also means posting regularly, ideally about once per day to keep your social media pages generating fresh information that boosts your rankings.


Back Links Build Your Rankings

These posts will allow your website and your social media sites to feed off of each other. Every link from social media to your company site functions as an outside link back that boosts your reputation rank with the search engines. Similarly, links from your site out to your social media pages boost those page ranks in the same way. You build a synergy between the two by linking out in both directions.
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Of course, actionable copy may look different between the two places. You want your rich content placed on your website, with short, pithy, relevant statements on your social media. With Twitter, those one-liners are generally all you have room to provide, but on Facebook and other sites this requires some restraint. You want to provide a hook for your customers and potential customers—not as clickbait to sucker them into reading something mundane, but rather as intriguing comments that lead them back to you to learn more.


Connect to Customers

In all of this, remember that a prime benefit of maintaining social media campaigns is to keep you connected to your customers, who remain the lifeblood of any business. When you present copy that feels too salesy or gimmicky, you risk turning these customers off. While you want every post to be connected to your business or industry, your posts that inform and/or entertain people are as important to your overall goal as those that seek to sell something.

In fact, there are times they may be more so. Just as your SEO marketing plan is built on content rather than sales pitches, so your social media marketing component needs to focus on giving something your customers want to read. Provide a combination of brief, interesting notes with links to your homepage and links back to more detailed content to drive your business marketing forward.

1st in SEO will work with you on both aspects of this kind of marketing. There is an art to compelling posts, to providing brief, actionable text in combination with more detailed website copy. We will work with you to develop these in conjunction with each other to take your internet marketing campaign to the next level.

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