The Definitive Guide to Google RankBrain in 2019

17 / December 2018,

The Definitive Guide to Google RankBrain in 2019

Yes, we know what you’re probably thinking. What the world is Google RankBrain, and will it have any impact on my SEO?

You wouldn’t be wrong for asking this question. Google is always making adjustments to their search algorithm to make their search results more relevant to web users.

This means if you are conducting business online, you should be well aware of when Google rolls out a major algorithm change. 

Lucky for you, you’ll learn all about Google RankBrain and how it will affect your SEO in this post.

Keep reading to understand how you can make all of the necessary adjustments to your website to make it compatible with the new way Google will generate search results.

What is Google RankBrain?

As far as anyone knows, Google RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm that was implemented at the beginning of the year. 

This algorithm hasn’t made much of an impact yet, but Google intends for RankBrain to use machine learning to comprehend exactly what web users mean when they type in a search term.

The attempt to understand what web users mean when they use a specific search term is called contextual relevance.

As the world’s premier search engine, Google is steadily trying to comprehend the intent behind keywords.For example, if you were to try to use the keyword “teddy bear” in Google’s search bar, the first SERP would feature a definition of the item

However, if you pluralize the word, here’s what you would get. 

Notice how Amazon ranks first in this search. Google automatically believed that if you just pluralized the item “teddy bears” that you want to make a purchasing decision.

Isn’t that interesting?

This is why Google considers RankBrain to be its third most important ranking factor. Understanding user intent means giving web users the search results they’re looking for instantaneously.

Doing this will improve Google’s user experience, making the search engine more efficient.

However, by doing so, this changes the competitive balance that has existed in SERPs for more than a decade.

Now, it will be imperative to show up in the first three results, instead of the first page.

This is effectively what Google RankBrain is and how it will come to form as one of the search engine’s main ranking factors.

So, let’s now discuss how RankBrain will affect your SEO in general.

User Behavior Will Shift

It’s actually pretty interesting to analyze how RankBrain will affect SEO as we know it because the core algorithm hasn’t even been put into full effect yet.

However, one area that this algorithm will affect tremendously is user behavior, and we talked about this a bit in the previous section.

Since RankBrain will theoretically make search results better and better in terms of relevance, getting to the top 3 spots on Google (whether it’s a local listing, knowledge graph, or anything that’s an organic result) will be more lucrative than ever because most web users will be more inclined to just click the top three results.

If RankBrain works as planned, there will be no need to scroll down the first SERP or even click on another page for more results. Everything you need will be displayed in front of you rather immediately.

As RankBrain starts to go into full effect, the playing field of SEO will change drastically because it will become more difficult.

Basically, SEO will become like musical chairs, only there are three available chairs to sit on.

However, millions of businesses are going to compete for these chairs, creating a tight competitive balance while shifting user behavior simultaneously.

In other words, your SEO strategy is going to have to adapt to climb your SERPs much higher than before.

With Google RankBrain, however, you may not even have a choice.

RankBrain Will Eliminate Spam and Blackhat SEO

Machine learning has existed for decades, but it’s now being implemented into Google’s core algorithm because it apparently works!

Google has been working tirelessly to eliminate online spam and black hat tactics, so it’s honestly a surprise that RankBrain wasn’t made to target these maladies.

Although RankBrain will not target spam and any other SEO loopholes doesn’t mean that this algorithm will not be effective in fighting it.

This is quite the contrary.

RankBrain’s sole purpose is to provide web users with more relevant search results.

Therefore, if more businesses are competing for Google’s top three spots, spammers will no longer have an uneven playing field with legitimate websites.

Here’s why. If RankBrain holds true to its sole purpose, there will be no room for spammers to even be visible to web users.

Web users will become accustomed to clicking on legitimate businesses, usually in the top three rankings. 

If spammers continue their black hat tactics, not only will they be flagged by Google, but their content will be determined to be irrelevant by RankBrain.

Hence, as RankBrain evolves, the existence of spammers will wane, unless they find a new way to adapt.

You Can Affect RankBrain

Google feeds RankBrain offline data, which means that the algorithm doesn’t learn on the internet as is. Whatever Google believes is good enough to feed RankBrain, that’s what they’ll feed it. 

So, if you can coin your earn term, such as “Link Earning” or “Growth Marketing” and these terms spread throughout the internet, this information could be fed into RankBrain.

As a result, you can be seen as an authority in that particular concept and that could be a positive thing for your website or blog. Of course, this definitely won’t be easy, but Google will reward innovators handsomely, especially if their ideas become a widespread popularity. 

Final Words

Google RankBrain is only in its beginning stages as Google’s core algorithm, but there is so much speculation as to how the algorithm will affect SEO. All in all, good SEO practices will never die or go out of style.

If you are committed to providing meaningful and relevant products, services, or information to web users, you will have nothing to worry about.