The August 1 Google Update – Why Website Owners Should Take it Seriously

25 / August 2018,

The August 1 Google Update – Why Website Owners Should Take it Seriously

Google announced a broad core algorithm update on 1st August 2018, which impacted both the local & organic rankings. This update devalues the advice pages that hold questionable Expertise, Authority and Credibility. With this update, Google has just indicated the website owners to focus on building great content and offer a more useful website.Google SEO Updates

This update has also been labeled as the ‘Medic Update’ because of its key emphasis on the medical and health based websites, though Google has not yet confirmed on this. Even the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites and pages seem to have been a particular focus during this update.

Google is keen on relevance & quality

‘Quality’ here refers to a number of things: from the quality of the content and overall user experience to a website free of technical SEO problems and aggressive advertising and this is just the beginning. This means it’s better to thoroughly understand the problems your site faces and then formulate a strong strategy to help your website survive the update. Always remember, Google has placed enormous importance on improvements in quality.

And nowadays, you can’t just trick Google with a temporary approach on the issues in your site. You have to get it ‘fixed.’ Whatever the issue is with your website, it should be a long term fix. Hence, get the help of expert SEO Albuquerque to get the best fix.

Now, the term ‘relevance’ – It includes the overall ‘quality.’ Yes, it includes everything.

What steps should you take as a website owner?

When questioned on how to keep a site from being negatively affected in the course of this update, Danny Sullivan has given the typical answer – “just create great content.” He has also pointed out a guide to consider.SEO Updates

Here are Some Actionable Tips to Help Your Website Survive the Update:

Focus on E.A.T (Expertise, Authority and Trust) – Your ‘About Us’ page should focus on your organization’s achievements, years of experience, certification and press recognitions. Try mentioning authentic information to build your reputation in the pages of your website, instead of talking about your industry. Talk about yourself.

Opt for Press Releases – Focus more on publishing authentic news/updates about your business rather than focusing on keywords. A press release should improve your reputation across the web and invite testimonials about your site. If you need help contact an Albuquerque SEO company, with years of press release experience to do it for you.

Sell Genuine Products – Needless to say, your rankings are sure to drop, if you are selling a product that is considered spammy or unsafe for people. Google verifies everything now.

Focus on Getting Positive Reviews – Your website is in trouble if your real users left bad reviews about your products/services, complaining about your business. You need to address this issue immediately. An Albuquerque SEO company can offer you the best ways to collect positive reviews from your customers.

Finally, don’t wait for Google to fully roll out the update. Start working on fixing your website’s issues to retain your ranks. Work with an Albuquerque SEO company who stays up to date with evolving SEO and marketing trends that will help your business thrive.