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Social Media MarketingSocial media use continues to grow exponentially every year. What once was one or two platforms for young people to connect with each other has grown into a mainstay across the world for people of all ages and stripes to follow each other, along with their favorite groups, companies, and movements. People check in daily, and often multiple times per day, across all demographic groups. On computers, smartphones, and tablets, everyone posts and tweets, shares and retweets, likes and favorites.

With this kind of presence established, it is no wonder that social media plays an increasingly critical role in SEO and Internet marketing. Companies that take advantage of this powerful communication engine have a leg up in their efforts to distribute content, provide business updates, and do direct marketing work.

At 1st in SEO, we will work with you to build and leverage your social media presence and maximize your efforts to reach your customers. We will make sure your marketing efforts function as a unified, consistent front, and help you drive through to get your business where it needs to go.

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Evaluate Marketing Firm’s Social Media

Evaluate Marketing Firm’s Social Media

All of this starts with a thorough evaluation of your social media presence as it currently exists. We will look at the platforms you are using, and make sure you aren’t missing what you should have. Depending on your business, this may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and/or a host of other available options.

Whatever you use, though, presence is only a starting point. Social media that merely exists misses the boat. You want to establish a platform that works for you, that reaches out to bring your customers to you and expand your base beyond where it currently sits. It should present your brand to the world, through posts and through content distribution. It should provide both an extension of your marketing and a means to tell your story.

The content that ranks highest with search engines is high-quality content that is unique and relevant. Your social media should serve you in those ways as well. You need to create posts that stand out to your target audience, with images and content links that relate to your industry and your business. And everything you put up should reflect the highest standards; haphazard posts that you don’t carefully conceive and develop take away from who you are and what you are doing.

Connecting Your Media

Connecting Your Media

If you do it right, your website and your social media platform will not function as separate entities. We will build your website with links to your social media accounts, and use the social media to bring your connections—and their connections—back to the content we create for your website. Not only do the links from one build the rankings of the other, but the entire construct builds like a vortex, back and forth and around, to create an effect more powerful than either could be by itself.

To see this approach in action, you should look no further than 1st in SEO’s own website and social media platform. After all, why would you hire an SEO marketing firm that could not do for itself what you want it to do for you? We put everything we have into what we do: on our own marketing platforms and on the client projects we take on. Working with us means working with experts who are focused on developing your marketing campaign across all of your media options, to make it work for you.

Too many companies approach their marketing as a series of related but distinct steps. They do print advertising, and they build a website, and they promote themselves on social media, and they use word of mouth. When you separate everything out, you can still accomplish a great deal, but you miss out on the opportunity to compound the effects rather than create them individually. You find pockets of people in different places, but isolate them rather than building across them.

The beauty of social media marketing lies in networks. When a customer likes your Facebook page or retweets your post, your visibility spreads to their friends and followers as well. For every customer who follows you, potentially hundreds more gain exposure to you. You have the potential to grow exponentially every time you post.

Potential, of course, only gets you so far. You have to treat every post as one that will define to someone who and what you are—because it will. We work with you to deliver consistent posts that exude excellence, and to do so over time. We will help you use these platforms to provide your customers and potential customers with the highest-quality content they will find anywhere, every time you post.

Uniquely You

Uniquely You

One source of this quality, and one of the most critical points of social media, is to reflect individuality. This works not only for personal accounts, but for business accounts as well. We have no interest in cookie-cutter social media sites; these do not reflect what makes your company special. We work with you to build an account that uses images and video files pertinent to you, and delivers content and posts that show who and what you are, every time.

To do this, of course, means evaluating more than just your current social media pages and accounts. We take the time to get to know you thoroughly, to understand who you are, what you do, and how and why you do it. From here, we shape that into a campaign that shows the best of what you offer your customers and what you do in and for your community. We find the natural threads that connect you to those who rely on you, and help you use and display them for your base.

No matter what kind of business you operate, you have a story different from that of anyone else. Our job, then, is not to create your story or your identity, but to reveal it. You have something unique to give; we are the catalyst that helps you do so.

Service Options

Service Options

When we work with you on your social media marketing, we begin with understanding you and evaluating your current social media. After that, our service includes setting up and managing your social media accounts. We also provide zero fee marketing work through the accounts. These are not separate tracks from your website and other online marketing, but rather a critical component to your overall success. We work with you in a way that reflects that unified approach.

Just as one size does not fit all in designing a platform, we understand that not everyone wants or needs the same kind of service for your campaign. Some of our clients want to handle their accounts themselves with minimal involvement, while others want to hand off the operation entirely.

Accordingly, we offer three main levels of service:

1. Client-Driven Social Media

In this approach, 1st in SEO will work with you to create and establish your social media platforms. We will then coach and train you on best practices and how to get the most out of your campaign, and turn it over for you to run in-house. Even so, you can always rely on us for advice and evaluation of your efforts.

2. Outsource to 1st in SEO

If you prefer to focus on other aspects of your business and hand your social media marketing processes over to us, we are happy to manage your accounts ourselves. This frees up more of your time and energy. We continue to consult with you and report to you on the performance and the effect your accounts have on your overall Internet marketing campaign, but we do the groundwork of running it for you.

3. Hybrid Option

We do not live in an all or nothing world, whatever our politicians may tell us to the contrary. We are happy to work with you on a middle road program, in which you maintain control over your social media accounts but turn over to 1st in SEO some portion of the marketing work through those accounts. We take on as much or as little of the process as you want or need.

Choose 1st in SEO for Social Media Marketing

Every SEO marketing firm talks a good game. 1st in SEO backs it up every day, with every client whose business we earn. Take the time to look through our website and social media pages, and learn about our business model and approach. We focus not on inflexible templates, but rather on what will achieve the best results for the client with whom we are working. We work for you, but we also work with you as partners on your work to build your marketing, always keeping our eye trained on the end goal of building your business. Marketing is a means to an end, that of helping your company achieve the most possible. Contact us today to start taking your business to the levels you were meant to reach.
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