Smart Google Ads Tips to Make More Money and Drive Qualified Leads

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08 / July 2020,

Smart Google Ads Tips to Make More Money and Drive Qualified Leads

Now days, people don’t just go online, they live online. They simply reach out to their nearest device instantly to perceive information or to buy something online.  With such a huge group of audience at your reach, how do you device a successful marketing strategy to bring in more money and qualified leads for your business? Don’t worry, Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the top marketing tools that will help with promoting your products or services online. When your Google Ads Albuquerque is set properly, it can help increase your online traffic, walk-ins, create brand awareness and ultimately generate sales, while minimizing the marketing expenses to a greater extent. Here we have listed out a few smart tips from the experts in Pay-Per-Click Advertising to make the most out of your Google Ads campaigns –

Optimize Your Landing Pages

This is usually one of the most overlooked aspects in the Pay-per-click ads. People usually get lost with tweaking the bids, testing the ads, and concentrating more on the paid search platforms. But the most important action that happens after the clicks is, the customer ‘goes to your website.’ Well, this makes only a part of the winning strategy to drive qualified leads to the landing page, but it must end up in a sale. It is the responsibility of the landing page to convert the leads into a paying customer. So, it is essential for you to optimize your landing pages for conversions by aligning your message in the ads with your landing page.

Work on the Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are a great way to evade from bad clicks and save on your budget.  These negative keywords convey Google, if a particular word appears for search query which goes with your keywords, you perhaps don’t want to show up.  For example, you are an Albuquerque Dentist, and you are bidding on the keyword Albuquerque + Dentist. When someone searches for Albuquerque Dentist training, the ad will show up. But, they couldn’t be your potential customers, and when they click on your ad, you’re actually wasting on the budget. Whereas by adding the term training to your negative keywords, your ad will not show up on the searches that has those terms. You probably should come up with a long list of negative keywords, to ensure that you’re only paying for the ads that bring in business. It is best advised to work with a PPC Agency Albuquerque that will check your search terms report and update new negative keywords regularly.

Make Use of Geo-Targeting

If you are targeting the people of Albuquerque, you probably do not want the people of California to watch your ads. Advanced geo-targeting options are offered by Google, so that you could limit the people who watch your advertisement and target only on the location that you want your ads to show up. You can target by county, city, zip code, state, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to reach only the likely customers. In case if you’re not getting adequate traffic, you can always magnify your target location later.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the PPC Agency Albuquerque best practices. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid spending more on wasted clicks, save money and bring in qualified leads.