Small Business SEO and Internet Marketing Services


small business seo pictureFor over a hundred years, the biggest companies have had great advantages over small businesses. Simply put, monthly marketing budgets for the largest companies often exceed total annual revenues for a smaller company. With a finite number of customers available for a given type of product or service, marketing is a zero-sum game in which everyone competes for market share. The lion’s share goes to the lions in the market, and the rest of the field are left to try to grab enough to feed themselves.

Fortunately for the rest of us, SEO marketing has changed this dynamic. Reaching the broadest base of customers no longer requires virtually unlimited funds to put print, television, and radio advertising out. Instead, we live in a world where, if you create consistent, relevant, unique information and publish it online regularly, you can reach the people who are looking for what you provide every day, and at a fraction of the cost the big companies still spend.

Now, large companies are finally catching on and investing large portions of their marketing funds in online marketing. Thus, it is more important than ever for small businesses to get in the game and invest in their website, SEO and Internet Marketing. 1st in SEO helps small businesses, both locally and nationwide, develop marketing that stands out from an increasingly crowded field of competition. We give you the tools and the personal touch to compete for and win business that otherwise will go to someone else.


How SEO Helps Your Small Business Compete

albuquerque small business seo services pictureThe most obvious appeal for a small business owner looking into SEO marketing is the cost. For a relatively modest investment, you can develop a marketing campaign that reaches out as far as you want. Most people learn about products and services through online searches; not only do you not need to invest in widespread print advertising, but it does not make sense to do so. Online marketing reaches more for less.

While reaching more is generally good, one distinct advantage that SEO marketing provides is the ability to focus on the local market. You can bring in traffic from everywhere, but providing information on your name and location helps people who want to find you right where you are. If you operate a single brick and mortar location, this can pay huge dividends by bringing in customers who live near you, or are traveling near you and need to know where to go to find what you provide. Local SEO helps the people who are near you find their way to your doorstep.

In addition, SEO done well brings in more of those potential customers, both to discover you initially and to then go on to find you. Every search algorithm in place exists to help connect people to information. The searches that best employ SEO to do this succeed because they create meaningful content relevant to what you do. In other words, they find ways to get the people who want the kind of information your company provides to get to you. Everyone who views your website has been looking for something at least related to what you do, or who you are. Every lead is legitimate, and provides an opportunity at a conversion to a sale.

We write with this in mind. Plenty of online marketers try to pass off one size fits all content to clients, and throw together content designed to fit search terms. We do use keyword phrases to build SEO into the content we create, but ideas and themes drive the content, with keywords layered in to support it. Because every site visitor is a potential customer, we take the time to provide information that is not only meaningful, but interesting and enjoyable. We respect both you and your potential customers enough to take the time to do it right. You need bang for your marketing buck, and we provide that.

1st in SEO develops content that matters: to you and to anyone searching for information related to your business. Your content helps the people who want a product or service like yours find it. As we build your page rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, we bring in more people who are not just casual observers, but are truly potential customers. We create real leads, with people who will want to follow up.


Smart Investments in Marketing

seo for small business owner pictureAs you know, every marketing dollar represents an investment. Many other advertising methods make calculating return on that investment a matter of guesswork. When you run a print campaign, for example, you have to estimate the number of views an ad receives based on ad circulation numbers and some idea of how many with access to the ad saw it. You then look at increased purchasing activity and try to assign a number to relate to the total number of estimated views. It is guesswork in any number of respects.

In contrast, an SEO campaign allows you to track your changes in page search rankings, the number of views a page receives, the number of clicks from an outside link to your page, the number of clicks within your page, and many other metrics. The funds you invest can be followed and checked for their return based on activities as well as on actual purchase decisions. In short, you can measure directly the impact of every dollar you spend.

Moreover, if your return is not what you expect or need it to be, you can tweak your content or presentation with relatively little difficulty. If a print ad campaign fails, you have already lost that cost. For a small business with a small marketing budget, this can sometimes mean you have blown your only opportunity at a marketing campaign. With online marketing, on the other hand, you can always revise, add, or delete content. If one page does not garner the attention for your site that you desire, you can go back and change or replace it. The cost to change course is not nearly as prohibitive.

Marketing does represent an investment, and in some ways requires a leap of faith when you start with a new agency. With 1st in SEO, though, you can invest with confidence. We will build a campaign that gets real, measurable results. We find that given time, those results include high page rankings on your site and increased sales as a result. And if those rankings and results aren’t high enough, we adjust and build until they are.


Build with a Personal Touch

small businesses seo services pictureA huge advantage SEO marketing with 1st in SEO provides is the ability to personalize our approach. We start with you: figuring out who you are and what your company does best, what you stand for, what your ultimate goals are for your company. We then build all of this into your website. Every page on your site serves as a reflection of you and your personal and business values. It provides a compelling picture that makes people think not in terms of price per widget, but in terms of why someone should buy from you instead of a huge, faceless company.

This begins with a brand, an identity that you present to the world. Large companies have brands, but so do you. Yours is smaller, more personal, and often more genuine. We meet with every client to start by fleshing out your identity. We want to understand what you do and why, who you are and how you became so. We connect your company to a personal story that includes the company’s birth, growth, present state, and future outlook. We then build out a brand story that represents you, and no one else.

From this point, everything we do for you springs from the brand you present. We work with you to identify content that makes sense for who you are. If we post about a product, we couch it in your story and why a person should buy only that product, from only you. If we post about a store event, we tie that event to the company story. We build out from personal connections to keep you present in everything we create.

This creates a nice personal touch, but the approach is about more than building a feel-good online existence for you. Search engine rankings reward those who provide relevant, unique, quality content. When everything builds around your brand, relevance takes care of itself. It is all about your business, your industry, your story; everything will be relevant. In addition, by connecting your content to an individual story, it cannot help but be unique. We do not write cookie-cutter content and splice it into various sites as needed. We write fresh content for you every time.

Finally, because we write content that will be meaningful to and for you, the quality comes as another natural by-product. We write well, both grammatically and semantically. We focus our efforts to get it right every time. Presenting a client to the world well drives us in all we do. Your content reflects on us as well as you, and we demand excellence of ourselves. It is how we make your story stand out, and how we work to earn your business.


1st in SEO as Your Partner

When you work with 1st in SEO, you get more than a hired gun with stock content in its arsenal. We operate as your partner in the process. Large companies work with internal marketing departments and high-flying agencies; we pride ourselves in being on the ground with you. We take the time at the outset to really understand you, to build a complete picture of you and your company that we can then present to the world.

Once we understand each other, 1st in SEO gets to work on your behalf. We write everything from a place of reflecting your story and brand, and with an understanding and respect for the potential customers you hope to attract. We then create the kind of content that will matter to them, not just for long enough to get them to visit your site, but for long enough for them to become your loyal customers.

Search engine algorithms reward all of this. Still, the algorithms change every day; we do not write to trick a system. Instead, we use what we know about SEO to create content that meets not only individual iterations of search logic, but the overall goal of getting the most relevant content to the people who want to see it. We bring you the people who should become your customers.

For a small business, this is critical. The Targets and Walmarts of the world can afford to through their name and identity out to the entire world and trust that enough customers will result from the approach to justify their expenditures. You, as a small business owner, do not have that luxury. 1st in SEO bridges the gap by reaching out to targeted groups, whether based on demographics or needs and interests. Everything we do focuses on you and your target audience.

If you own or operate a small business, don’t leave your success to chance. 1st in SEO will work with you to build a specific content marketing plan designed for you. We will give you the tools to compete with the giants in your market. Contact us today to get started.