Simple Strategies to Improve the ROI of Paid Social Media

03 / February 2019,

Simple Strategies to Improve the ROI of Paid Social Media

Social media remains a curious space for many and SEO experts know how to best channel it to benefit your company and customers. When it comes to paid social media, marketers spend a lot of time thinking about ROI. If you want to make a good profit, you must be aware of a few tools, strategies, and techniques. So, here we’ve listed a few tips and techniques to discover ways in which you can tweak your paid social media ad campaigns to improve the ROI. 

Determine the Goals

As a business leader, you must determine the goal of your social media paid ads and outline what you want your ads to achieve. Without knowing why you are doing something, you couldn’t be able to determine its value. After fixing the goals, then you’ll be better able to determine how well they perform and then begin improving on their ROI.

List the Social Media Platforms

Since you are using several paid social media platforms, list them all out and determine what you are aiming with each platform.

  • Twitter: Promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends
  • Facebook: Photos ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, canvas ads, collection ads
  • Instagram: Photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads
  • LinkedIn: Text ads, sponsored InMail, sponsored content

Work It Out

When it comes to paid social media campaigns, calculating ROI is easier said than done. Here we’ve given you a simple equation for calculating your end revenue.

Paid social ROI = (Profit ÷ total investment) x 100

Set Up Google Analytics

The first part is to ensure Google analytics is set up properly and tag all your paid social ads using UTM parameters. Also, add values to your tags so that you can track their monetary return. Upload your cost data to the Data Import tool in Google Analytics as the second part and determine the ROI of the paid ad. An SEO expert will help you in this regard.

Tips to Improve ROI

Once you determine the ROI of your paid social ads, take measures and make the necessary tweaks to the ads themselves to improve the investment.

  • Make sure your chosen platform aligns with your objectives. For example, use Facebook and Instagram for direct conversions and Twitter for building up engagement. Hire the right SEO services to get the best advice.
  • Target your ads to speak your audience by fine-tuning the platform features to help you to get your ads seen and turn scrolls into clicks and conversions.
  • Reduce the cost of clicks to cap your campaign budget without damaging your campaigns.
  • Tweak and test your ads to see which works best for your social media platform.

Follow the above tips to make relevant changes to your paid ads that help you gain more revenue. Contact the right SEO company in Albuquerque NM to guide you to run a successful paid social ad campaign and earn more profit.