SEO and Small Business Sales

12 / February 2016,

SEO and Small Business Sales

SEO and Small Business Sales

When you run a small business, every dollar matters. The temptation that this reality creates is to slash your costs as much as possible, avoiding every expenditure to increase your profits. Companies all over the country are taking this approach, whether this means trimming labor costs, reducing benefits, eliminating community outreach, or reducing marketing costs. In this line of thinking, any dollar not spent is a good thing.

Unfortunately, this admittedly common-sense approach is shortsighted. You should look at your costs with a critical eye, but your company will only grow through building your revenue stream. Whatever you do, and whatever you spend, should be focused on building your sales revenue and improving your bottom line. This means spending enough to motivate and empower your employees, and it means building a smart, focused marketing campaign.

This is where SEO marketing can help your company. The cost is low relative to many other forms of marketing, but even more, it is a focused cost that yields real, identifiable, and trackable results. When you use SEO marketing to its full capacity, you can improve your small business’ sales stream to levels you have never achieved before.


SEO Builds Traffic for Your Company

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to increase your sales. To do this, any marketing campaign will focus on two things: bringing you visibility and traffic, and converting that traffic into sales. To accomplish this, your campaign should put your company in front of the largest possible audience, composed of the highest possible concentration of people who want your product or service.
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This begins with getting you noticed. A storefront can help with this to some extent, but it will only help with those already walking or driving past your location. Print ads also help, but people read printed newspapers and magazines less all the time. We live in a time when people are busier than ever, working harder than ever. Displaying information and waiting for the world to notice it will not bring you the results you want.

SEO marketing represents an active solution to this problem. You do not merely post information in print or online and hope people find it. You instead create content designed to attract page views. When someone runs a search, that search pulls in results based on how a page uses keywords and phrases, how effectively it appears to provide information, and how fresh and unique that information is. While search algorithms change over time, all of the changes are designed to connect Internet users to the information they seek.

For your purposes, this means that a marketing campaign built on gimmicks will not work. You don’t bring in traffic by trying to trick a system, but rather by providing information that people genuinely want to read. From a marketing perspective, this information should connect to the business you are running. If you are in the automotive industry, for instance, you want to not only explain how a component of a vehicle works, but why that component requires service—and why a customer should go to you for that service.

The more content you create, the more traffic you generate for your site. This means your SEO campaign, over time, will build up an audience of people who might become customers. The more readers on your website, and the more people are following your social media accounts, the more people you have available to convert into customers. You can then track all of this information and tweak as needed to maximize your opportunity.


How Does SEO Drive Sales?

Of course, this traffic only matters if you can get conversions into sales. This represents the real beauty of SEO: it targets those who are more likely to buy. SEO marketing works because people are already trying to find you. Over a billion searches take place on line every day, with people looking for anything you can imagine and much of what you cannot. Whatever your company’s niche, whatever you do or produce, there are people out there looking online for it. SEO is built not on finding those people, but on helping those people find you.

To best accomplish this, you need to develop a rich content library. The more information you provide in search-optimized web pages and articles, the more traffic you attract. The quality of your content will both determine how much your traffic increases and convince those searching to spend time on your page. The marketing platform serves to demonstrate your expertise and the value your product or service provides. Everything you post should give readers an indication of that value. Not only does this help you bring in traffic, but it helps predispose those who find your content to trust you.

Trust is a valuable commodity in the world of marketing. A cynical public tends not to trust what it hears, particularly in marketing messaging. Thus, the quality and depth of the content you create are critical to both engendering and fostering it. When people believe you and accept that you are an expert, that you provide something not everyone in your industry can, you are more likely to convert website visits into on-site visits and sales.


Why SEO Marketing Is Best

Marketing exists in many forms: phone directory listings, print ads, online ads, word of mouth campaigns, on-site advertising, television and radio spots, and many others. Anyplace you look, someone is advertising something, and in some cases paying a great deal of money to do so. With all the options available, directing precious marketing funds to SEO marketing might seem like merely one newfangled option among many.
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Putting all of your marketing eggs in one basket is seldom the correct answer. Still, the sheer volume of web traffic that exists suggests that ignoring this platform would mean missing a terrific opportunity for your company. Targeting the people who already want to find someone like you allows you to spend money that directs the advertising to where it can be most effective. And when you build out content, you do more than catch these potential customers’ eye; you hold their attention for longer, letting your marketing message sink in on a level a print ad will almost never accomplish.

Moreover, SEO marketing gives a living path toward continued effectiveness of your campaign. If your page rankings fall, you can examine how and why, and adjust accordingly. You can test and revise your content, add new content, and continue building out your platform over time. You can also measure the results you receive: in page views, in online sales if you provide e-commerce options, and in clicks and trends in overall sales. If sales falter, you can identify related trends in your online traffic; if they increase, you can identify what is working.

More than in any other form of marketing, you can tie your sales performance to measurable data in your SEO marketing platform. And more than any other kind of marketing, you can apply it to attract the people who are most likely to help you build your sales. In doing so, you can grow your business efficiently and effectively.


Call 1st in SEO to Help Your Small Business

Marketing spend always feels like a risk/reward proposition, and the stakes feel inordinately high for a small business. In the simplest terms, sales define your success, and costs cut into the bottom line. But a cost that yields more in sales than it takes from your revenue represents a good investment in your business.

SEO marketing provides the most focused, direct path to sales of any kind of marketing that exists today. It brings not large cross-sections of the public, but the specific people who are trying to find information related to who you are and what you do. A smart small business owner will grab the opportunity and build out a marketing platform that takes advantage of all it has to offer.

Of course, as with any other kind of specialization, not everyone understands how to build an effective SEO campaign. Unless you have trained and studied it, you might face a steep learning curve trying to get it running yourself. And if you own and operate a small business, you have more efficient ways to use your time. This is where 1st in SEO comes in. We provide the marketing and search optimization expertise that you need to move your online marketing into prime time. We will help you understand where the opportunities are in your industry, and for your business in your location. From there, we will build a marketing platform that capitalizes on those opportunities, and creates new ones.

Your business can’t afford to throw money at ineffective solutions. 1st in SEO uses proven techniques, adapted to your business to create real results. Your marketing spend should lead directly to sales, and we provide the best path you will find to do so. Contact 1st in SEO today to get started.

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