Rich Snippets for Greater SEO Success

12 / August 2016,

Rich Snippets for Greater SEO Success

When you look at pages listed on the Google SERP, you often see text accompanying the search results. They may provide reviews, product or business information, or other information that helps define better what the search result should provide. This text is known as a “rich snippet,” and provides descriptive information for search engine users to use to better assess the relevance of the results they find. Today, SEO websites take advantage of this capability to better drive search results, site traffic, and conversions.

Rich Snippet Simplified

In simple terms, a rich snippet is a summary of what can be found on the particular page. When you create the snippet, you determine what should be included. This summary appears along with the search results and is shown on each page that is optimized for the rich snippet. The user can quickly assess what the site provides, and whether the time spent visiting the site makes sense for his or her needs.

SEO Through Rich Snippets

As an SEO tool, rich snippets give additional, concentrated information the search engines can grab to assess and rank your website. The benefit is twofold: with more specific information, Google and Bing can rank your site higher for search terms and concepts conveyed in the rich snippet, whether that includes local mapping, key information about your company, or reviews of your product or service. In addition, the information you capture can help those searching for someone like you better understand your business, making those more apt to become your customers also more likely to click on your link. The result for you, if you do it well, is a combination of more traffic and a higher conversion percentage for you within the traffic you receive.

Rich Snippets

How it helps

A potentially higher search engine ranking is the primary benefit from rich snippets. But it also gives you a chance to focus those results toward particular key words, and to add information that helps you. You can include your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media links there. You may also include other contact information or links to further extend your reach and generate clicks and conversions. It provides a tremendous advantage for the savvy SEO webmaster or site owner.

Almost every business that wants new customers has a website. To stand out, you need to focus efforts in SEO marketing. Rich snippets serve as an additional piece of the puzzle; use them well, and your site rankings and revenue streams should improve quickly.

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