Why PageRank’s Removal Is Great news for Your Albuquerque Web Design

12 / April 2016,

Why PageRank’s Removal Is Great news for Your Albuquerque Web Design

Google has announced it will no longer be providing its PageRank scores to the public. This change has been a long time coming; the updates have only been coming a few times per year,and SEO providers have either been overvaluing or overstating the impact of the scores for almost as long as they have existed. While the rank itself will continue to exist and serve as one of Google’s signals in its search ranking algorithm, its disappearance from public view should help web designers, SEO providers, and clients focus on what should matter more: the quality of the site itself.

When you use your site for marketing, the writing and design you provide should mean more to you than your PageRank score. The links to your site and other aspects of PageRank matter, but ultimately, your site should bring in local traffic, and exude expertise in your market niche to convert that traffic into sales and revenue. With PageRank tucked safely out of view, your Albuquerque web design efforts can build around what matters.

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Why PageRank Has Limited Value

Most efforts to build PageRank scores focused on the specified criterion from Google: the number of links to a web page. Unfortunately, this led to a great deal of questionable practices, like spamming links and purchasing links to websites. A PageRank score thus led to a perverse motivation to work more on building around a website than building the site itself. What was supposed to provide a way for Internet users to essentially vote on website values became a race to game the system, showing a tangible number without a great deal of actual value.

Importantly, PageRank was—and continues to be—just one of over 200 signals within the overall Google algorithm. The score may be higher than that of another page, but still rank lower due to faltering on other signals. Because PageRank was the most visible signal, though, it drew attention that became a disservice to many site owners.

What Really Matters

The problem with placing too much emphasis on creating or purchasing links to your website is that it diminishes the control you have over consistency. Forcing links that don’t develop organically or through relationships with related sites reduces the coherence of your site for people who find you. A flurry of linking activity from unrelated sites might lead to page views, but it won’t turn into conversions, and for all the extra links to you, you won’t gain appreciable new business. And by diverting precious budget dollars to building PageRank scores, you take away funds that could be better invested in making your site more relevant and persuasive to your potential customers.

An Albuquerque web design should start within itself. Take the time to build a consistent site that shows where you are and brings people not only to the site itself, but to you. Your design should reflect your brand and your product or service, on every page. Use images, videos, and graphics that show where you are and what value you create in the community. And your web content should mesh with the images and structure of your site. A user-friendly and powerfully local site, designed for both mobile and computer access, will bring you site visits from the people who are most likely to deliver revenue for you.

How to Use PageRank Within Your Albuquerque Web Design Strategy?

When you start with making a good website, you can drive PageRank scores in a way that makes sense for you and your business. One is to reach out to owners of related businesses. A strong, consistent, carefully designed website provides value not only for you, but for other companies that consider a link to your site something that reflects well on them. This creates the organic linking that Google initially envisioned for PageRank, and builds you up without sacrificing quality. Rather than building shortcuts, you create value over time that builds in multiple directions.

Further, you can then use your social media accounts as extensions of your site. Social media sites allow you to build links that expand exponentially through social networks. When you build those accounts not as haphazard attempts to create links, but rather as crafted sites that connect thematically and graphically to your main website, you not only get more links over time, but in fact bring links that are more likely to turn into sales.

In short, PageRank still matters. But since it is no longer visible, web designers and clients no longer have an incentive to treat it as the most important piece of the rankings puzzle. Rather than build a web marketing strategy around one signal of questionable value, site owners can and should build a robust website that delivers impact for their business and their customers.

1st in SEO for Your Albuquerque Web Design Needs

At 1st in SEO, we work every day to deliver real value to our clients. Our services combine web design, optimized content, social media planning, and performance tracking to ensure your website represents your business to its full potential. PageRank has served as a part of how we do this, but only in the context of an overarching strategy for you. Your brand comes through in everything we do for you. Your business goals drive our approach every day. Web traffic and site rankings matter only when they help you achieve those goals, so we build out an experience for users that both attracts site visits and makes the visitors want to stay.

We embrace Google’s decision on PageRank because it demonstrates the value of the approach

we have always taken to web design and content. All of the efforts on the periphery of your site should accentuate the value that you build from the core. Our Albuquerque web design service starts inside and moves out, creating long-term successes for you and your business. We deliver not only good rankings, but real results. Contact us today to start on the right path for your business.