Make the Most of Your Google Ad Spent by Preventing these 4 Mistakes

Image by launchpresso from Pixabay

26 / February 2021,

Make the Most of Your Google Ad Spent by Preventing these 4 Mistakes

Google Ads has a myriad of features you can take advantage of, in order to bring the best results for your ad campaigns. Sometimes, it is possible for marketers to get lost in the sea of options and choose one or more irrelevant settings that make their campaign go awry. To make sure your ad spent doesn’t go to waste, be mindful of the following 4 common mistakes in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Mistake 1: Relying on the Default Geotargeting Option

When you create a new ad campaign, you should choose a geotarget where your ads are displayed. But the one thing that people often ignore is that sneaky dropdown menu comprising different location options.

When you select a geotarget, the default location setting will be People in, regularly in or who’ve shown interest in your targeted locations. When this is enabled, your ads will be displayed outside your targeted geographic location. This is because the ads are shown to people in other countries who have researched about your targeted location for various reasons. So, be sure to choose the second option Presence: People in or regularly in your targeted locations during setup.

Mistake 2: Not Testing with the Experiments Feature

Google Ads Experiment feature is great for testing your ad performance and refine your Pay-Per-Click advertising. It lets you analyze everything from bids to landing pages.

  1. First, create a Campaign Draft, which is a clone of your ad campaign, except the settings are modified for testing purposes.
  2. Now under the menu on the left, go to Drafts & Experiments.
  3. Now choose Campaign Experiments. Click the plus sign and select the campaign draft that you want to experiment for.

Now you can choose specific aspects that requires testing, and set a time for the experiment to run. You may also use the Ad Variations option to split test ad copies too.

Mistake 3: Lack of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions not just expands the real estate of your Google ads in Albuquerque, but they also encourage clicks from users. Several marketers do not include ad extensions during setup, or leave them disapproved. Structured snippets, review extensions, and phone numbers are immensely useful in increasing conversions, so make sure that the ad extensions are set up the right way.

Mistake 4: Overlooking Bid Adjustments

When relying on manual bidding, take a granular approach towards audience targeting. Use bid modifiers to display your ads more or less frequently based on specific cities or geographic locations, time of the day or device used, rather than simply targeting an entire country.

Your ad budget will be utilized better with proper location bid adjustments. For instance, you’ll see that in areas with relatively more commuters, conversions mostly come from mobile devices as they shop on the go, so adjust bids accordingly.

Avoid these common mistakes mentioned above and spend your ad budget wisely. Get in touch with a PPC agency in Albuquerque, if you need more assistance in setting up and running ad campaigns.