Machine Learning: The Key to Successful Digital Marketing

02 / March 2018,

Machine Learning: The Key to Successful Digital Marketing

After Google unveiled its new machine learning platform many digital marketers have been wondering what type of impact machine learning will have in the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can read more about Machine Learning here.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is not new to the tech world. The concept first appeared way back in 1950’s and recently with the rapid increase in computing power it’s exploded in popularity and application.

There are many different categories of machine learning but at its core it is a technology built on a foundation of algorithmic systems, dependent on data.

Lots of data.

With this available data, Machine Learning finds patterns and creates models, prompting the human decision-making process with the help of predictive analysis.

Simply put, Machine Learning can break down an enormous amount of data compiled from different sources into usable insights that can help you better understand your customers, potential customers and your business as a whole.  All without consuming much of your precious time.

Why Machine Learning is Quickly Becoming the Most Popular Tool in Digital Marketing

The reason is simple, because Google has declared itself, a machine learning-first company!

From online product recommendations – which use data and make algorithmic recommendations to consumers- to the Machine Learning Technology that gives you predictive suggestions when your search query has spelling errors. Google is using Machine Learning everywhere.

On the other side, you need to understand that customer behavior keeps changing and while there are more ways to reach potential customers than ever before, customers are also a lot more specific with their demands.

If your customers can’t instantly find what they want, they will leave.

And if you’re spending any money on Google AdWords, your carefully constructed ads might be at greater risk if they are not relevant to what users are looking for.

Ways that Machine Learning Could Impact Digital Marketing & How to Use It to Help Your Business Thrive

Most major brands have already started taking advantage of the data-driven insights and predictive models that Machine Learning can provide.

With predictive models, they are able to identify the key moments of customer buying behavior and optimize their advertisement strategies based on that.

Here are a few ways that Machine Learning could impact Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing

This is an extremely important aspect, as internet is flooded with tons of content. If you want to win the the search war, you need to be creating precise content and adding value to your readers/listeners/watcher’s lives.

Meaning, you have to understand the needs of your consumer first before you create content.

Machine Learning provides you with this necessary data.

Augmenting your website content based on this available data will lead you to convert more of your website visitors into leads.

A trained expert in SEO in Albuquerque can offer effective content solutions that could enrich your website content.

Google AdWords Campaigns

The smart features offered by Google to improve the conversions with the help of Smart Display Campaigns and Google Smart Bidding makes it evident that the future of Google Ads is dependent on Machine Learning.

To make the best of your Google AdWords campaigns and take them to the next level you have to – stay close to the metrics that are valuable to your business, realize the gray areas that are obstructing your goals and understand the key drivers that could help you to make strategic decisions.

Building Quality Links

Link building evolved after the Penguin algorithm.

Don’t pay for links.

Inferior links, especially ones you pay for, won’t help your search rankings. Instead   you need to focus on high-quality content.

Content that people will want to link to and share on social media.

Content that answers the questions your customers are asking.

Videos are the right answer.

A Few Tips to Prepare Your Small Business for Machine Learning

  • Make sure you have a responsive website with user-friendly web design.
  • Focus on Local Listing – Make sure, that your business is listed with the correct Name, Address, Phone Number and website URL in the listed areas, especially, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp to name a few. Experts in Albuquerque SEO offer proven results to their clients towards local listing.
  • Optimize for voice search – instead of working on long tailed keywords, create content answers your customer’s voice queries. Focus on LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing, words or phrases related to your keywords. For example, if your website is about plumbing LSI keywords might be related terms or keywords like; HVAC, boiler repair, Commercial plumbing, and drain cleaning.

Ultimately, Machine Learning is a powerful tool, which makes the lives of marketers easier and enables them to foresee and engage with their customers in an appropriate way, instead of depending on faulty preconceptions.

An Albuquerque SEO Company can effectively analyze your Website and offer real-time solutions with Machine Learning Technology.