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    Local SEO

    Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    Unlike print marketing, Internet marketing puts you in front of much more than your local audience. This is a positive in many ways, but with the world competing for page views with you, you need a way to bring your site to the attention of your local audience. If you operate a brick and mortar business in Albuquerque, the most important page rankings will come not from viewers throughout the world, but close to home. 1st in SEO specializes in using local SEO marketing to guide people in your area to your website, applying specific tactics to lead search engines to where you are.

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    Get the Basics First

    As with many aspects of life, getting the basics right is a critical step in achieving success in local SEO. We start by making sure that where you are is clear and consistent, both on your website and across the Internet. We place your name, address, and phone number, or NAP information, prominently on your website, both in visible text and metatags on each page. We also work with you to ensure the same information is available and accurate on your social media pages. Far too many websites contain inconsistent references to this information, whether in formatting or simple errors. We focus on the little things to make sure your site helps people find you.

    Besides your own information, local and industry directory listings exist to help people find businesses like yours. Unfortunately, these also provide opportunity for errors. When listings provide incorrect NAP information, search engines drop your site rankings because they have no way to discern which might be correct. 1st in SEO reviews these listings regularly, and acts swiftly to correct any errors we identify on a listing site. We will contact anyone who lists incorrect information on your company, and will follow up to ensure that other sites cannot bring your rankings down because of inaccuracies in their listings.

    Finally, we take the time to understand and write for the diverse audience in your area. A large metropolitan area like Albuquerque contains neighborhoods with very different cultural and socioeconomic populations. We will provide content that speaks to people not just in broad strokes, but in ways that speak to the real people who form your customer base. We also build into the content keywords and metatags that help guide those people to you, increasing your reach by focusing in on the small but critical details that help define your local presence.

    Build for Mobile

    Mobile searches now represent the majority of Internet search activity in the United States. This matters because optimizing for mobile searching is crucial for local SEO marketing to work. When people search on mobile devices, many of these searches use location services to direct the results. A site optimized for mobile devices has a distinct advantage over those that are not.

    This optimization includes designing a responsive site that flexes to fit mobile screens, as well as a design that pushes your local NAP information to the top. Many mobile searches use personal assistants like Siri or Cortana to find results, and these bring direct answers to the forefront among search results. We will develop your site to not only provide rich content, but to answer the questions that lead a mobile searcher in your area directly to you.

    When people search on their mobile devices, your site needs to reach out and lead them directly to you. 1st in SEO will work with you to help your local SEO efforts accomplish this, and thus to help you attract the most immediately available customers to your site and to your storefront.

    Reviews Help SEO and Reputation

    The better you satisfy your customers, the more customers you tend to get. In local SEO marketing, potential customers measure this in local reviews. Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, and many others both general and niche-specific allow customers to let each other know how you are doing, for good or ill. Positive reviews on these sites boost your business in both general search rankings and in potential customers’ expectations for you. Negative reviews, on the other hand, can sink you quickly.

    Part of the answer will always be delivering a great customer service experience. Whatever technological developments come with search engines or SEO techniques, this will remain true. Still, you can do things to help yourself. First, you can guide customers to your reviews. While soliciting a review directly is usually inappropriate, you can let people know that you have a Yelp or other presence. We will build references and links to those sites into your website and social media pages to help people find you there and add reviews. More listings and references to you on these sites will improve your local SEO rankings.

    But what if you receive a negative review? We will monitor the rankings sites over time and help you develop appropriate responses when this happens. Sometimes it may involve challenging a negative review, but more often, responding by offering an apology and evidence that you are addressing concerns goes a long way. Customers appreciate responsive businesses. You may not regain the customer who left a negative review, but you can gain more new customers with an effective response to a complaint than if the complaint were never made.

    1st in SEO for Your Local SEO Needs

    Local SEO marketing drives your online marketing. Your local audience, including those who live near you and those who are traveling in the area and using mobile devices, needs to be able to find you online for your campaign to be successful. Your site structure and your content must be created with this goal in mind; without local traffic online, you won’t get local traffic on foot.

    1st in SEO will build your presence to put you in front of the customers you most need to bring in. From powerful web design to effective content and regular monitoring, we will bring your local audience to you.

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