Local SEO for the Albuquerque Area

21 / January 2016,

Local SEO for the Albuquerque Area

SEO for the Albuquerque Area

What Is Local SEO?

Our localized SEO services capitalize on your company’s location. After all, when you want to target individuals for a brick and mortar store, you don’t need to be flashing your content across the planet, just within a reasonable driving radius. Local SEO also helps you to target travelers who are in your area and looking for the products or services that your business provides.


Why Local SEO?

In July of 2014, Google released the “Pigeon” update to their algorithm. A major purpose of the update was to ensure that local ads rank higher. This means that locally focused SEO is vital to having potential customers from the vicinity, and travelers who are passing through the area, find your business online.


How We Optimize Your SEO for Local Searchers

albuquerque local seo services pictureThere are three primary ways that we work to improve your local SEO rank:
1. A Locally-Optimized Website – You understand the importance of having your website optimized for search engine ranking. Now it is time to add local keywords to the metadata.
2. Optimized for Maps Searches – This is especially important to attract the business of travelers. When someone searches Google Maps, you want your business to appear on the map.
3. Local Keywords for Content – Your marketing content uses important keywords. Adding your location to long-tail keywords is a great way to improve search engine rank in the local vicinity.


Localized Backinking

Backlinking is still an important factor in search engine rank. Now you need to get local links to improve your rank within the target radius. How?
1. Building Local Reviews – Using sites such as Yelp and Foursquare to build local reviews is a great way to get on Google’s radar. Google pays attention to ratings on such third party sites.
2. Local Backlinks – Other local business that rank well can provide high ranking links for your organization. The value of a link, when it comes to search, is all about the reputation of the site providing the link.
3. Authority Site Links – While authority sites in your industry may not be local, connecting with such sites will establish your brand as the local authority in the eyes of Google.


Transparent Local SEO Results

You deserve transparent reporting that outlines our efforts to boost your local SEO. To that end, we endeavor to provide reports that are easy to understand.
1. SEO Rank Reports – See where you stack up against the competition. We provide reports on a regular basis so that you can see how your SEO dollars are boosting your position in searches.
2. Backlinking Reports – We will keep you informed of the process of acquiring the right kind of links for your website.
3. Google Analytics – How well are your marketing tactics working? Website analytics help you to observe site traffic and behavior as well as the demographics that your site is attracting.


SEO for all your local business needs

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