Know the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Image by Rama Krishna Karumanchi from Pixabay

04 / February 2020,

Know the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is one of the most preferred methods of every business to reach the targeted audience. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, some of the digital marketing trends are focused around technology. So, it is wise to take a moment to refocus on the big opportunities and challenges each marketers face in 2020. Here, we have mentioned a few digital marketing trends every business should focus on.

Embrace the Cloud

The promise of digital marketing has always been the ability to measure the impact of campaigns and attribute to specific business KPIs to them. However, as channels multiply and audiences become more fragmented across platforms and screens, the data sets have grown exponentially larger. Consider employing a cloud-based solution like the Google Cloud Platform that can help to make sense of the wealth of signals you’re collecting.

Control and Centralize Data

Integrating analytics and media functions under one roof isn’t just an efficiency play. In a world where public privacy concerns have been propelled by a series of high-profile breakdowns in trust, keeping a tight lid on your data operation is critical to protecting brand reputation. To meet this challenge, marketing organizations need to gain control of their data and mitigate risk to their brand and consumers.

Deconstruct Silos

In order to truly understand what drives an action, a purchase or a click, marketers need to be able to connect the dots with data that is centralized or teams that are working together to understand the insights that live within the data. Only by breaking down the walls between media and data will marketers be able to build meaningful and fully informed relationships with customers.

Put First-Party First

The rising privacy conversations have also prompted changes to popular browsers aimed at curbing the collection of user data. These browsers are making changes that impact the one-to-one targeting and retargeting technology that marketers have relied on for 25 years.

Prepare for Privacy Policy

Data privacy has been a hot topic for years, but 2019 saw the conversation really gain steam, inspired by a series of high-profile data breaches and leaks that have put a spotlight on some of the most important technologies driving digital marketing and regulators to take a second look at advertising and marketing tech solutions.

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