Is Your Website Slow? Here are 4 Possible Causes

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21 / January 2022,

Is Your Website Slow? Here are 4 Possible Causes

Site speed optimization has become absolutely necessary since Google has announced Page Speed as a ranking signal for websites. Besides search engine optimization, page speed also impacts user experience, bounce rates, and even conversion rates as well. This is why, as a website owner, you have to prioritize page speed in web design. If your website is slowing down, here are some possible causes explained by a web design Albuquerque expert:

Unreliable Hosting Service:

Selecting a good hosting service provider and a managed service provider is very important. If your site is not performing well, you should probably upgrade your hosting plan or choose a different managed service provider. Never deal with a cheap hosting service. Shared hosting is even worse, because the server resources will be shared with other websites as well. This can significantly impact the speed and performance of your website time to time. Make sure to rely upon a high quality service provider that ensures reliability and 24/7 support.

Images are Not Optimized:

If the images on the webpage are not optimized, it also means that your website is not optimized. You should execute effective optimization techniques in your web design Albuquerque, so as to minimize the size of image files. This allows the web browser to download images faster so that your website page speed will be improved. This is where image compression comes to play. You could also opt for Lazy Loading, with which the images will load only when the user scrolls the page and looks at them.

Too Much Coding on Your Site:

If the web browser or server has to process and execute more code, it will take longer for your website to completely load. This is why increased code density can affect the entire performance of your site. One of the things that you can do is to minimize or simplify the code. Eliminating unnecessary white space, unwanted comments, or empty new lines in the code will do the trick. An expert specialized in website development can assist you in optimizing the code if required.

Too Many Advertisements:

If your website needs to be monetized with advertisements, make sure you don’t include too many of them. With every ad you integrate to your site, a new HTTP request is added. This will further impact the overall page load speed. When there’s multiple pop ups, interstitials, and pop-unders, your visitors will have to wait longer for the entire web content to load. Moreover, when users are bombarded with an overwhelming number of ads, it would motivate them to leave your site. This would increase the bounce rate and affect your SEO performance.

One of the things that you can do to improve your page load speed is definitely getting the assistance of a web design company. They not just create eye-appealing websites, but also make sure that your website performs well for good SEO.

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