Is Your Website Mobile

26 / January 2016,

Is Your Website Mobile

Is Your Website Mobile?

Anyone with a smartphone can relate to the experience of trying to pull up a website and being unable to read it correctly on the phone. Sometimes the image doesn’t fit correctly on the screen. Others it just takes too long to load, or doesn’t navigate well. You find yourself frustrated, often abandoning the site sooner than you would with a better interface.

Because mobile devices are so ubiquitous, creating a mobile web interface with these issues amounts to a failure in web design and development. Those looking for or at websites today are at least as likely to do so from a phone or tablet as they are from a laptop or desktop computer. Your web design and development efforts must take this into account; otherwise, any SEO efforts you undertake will fail to bring back return users.


Get Your Homepage Right

This begins with a clean homepage. You want visitors to your website to see a clean homepage, with a company logo that appears immediately. A relatively brief menu should allow for easy site navigation, without having to scroll too much to read the available options. And, perhaps most importantly, the page must load quickly. Generally speaking, people don’t browse the internet because they have unlimited time to wait, and impressions of a company will be more positive if the company’s online presence is one that provides a convenient experience.

1st in SEO delivers excellent content that will help search engines find your website, regardless of what devices they use to find you. With web design and development geared toward a good first impression on mobile devices, you can maximize the success you will achieve from those efforts.

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Searches and Returns

First impressions matter, but your goal should always be to create a lasting impression for your site visitors. Accordingly, you should build out your site in a way that allows quick access to your other pages. The interface should allow them to learn about your company, review content, and jump back to the home page from anywhere else on the site.

Part of this involves your content and the SEO structure of your site. You should make your menu accessible from any page, but also provide links that make sense within your content. The structure of your web design and development form a big part of this, but so too is your inclusion of content that connects within the site, both thematically and through linking among pages. Rather than a set of disconnected ideas, you want to give potential customers a full, coherent online experience.


Getting Action

Finally, your mobile site should have a way for a person to take action. The home page should contain at a minimum a call to action and a contact link. The call to action depends on the nature of the business. It may involve information about a store location and an exhortation to visit, or the ability to schedule an appointment online. Determine what your company would like customers to do upon visiting your website, and give them an opportunity to do so.

Those browsing on mobile devices often do not have time to work through even the most user-friendly navigation system to find a call to action. It needs to be clearly presented, and easy both to follow and to execute. This represents a key dynamic that separates a powerful, mobile web presence from just another website. If you can create something that moves people on the go to become your clients and customers, you have an automatic leg up on your competition.

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The 1st in SEO Difference

Again, the two keys to this are structure and content. Without a layout that users can view properly and navigate smoothly in a mobile environment, your website will never reach its full potential; without excellent content woven into that structure, you have a shell of something that could inspire, but will not. But put the right web design and development together, complete with effective web copy that motivates your customers, you are ready to excel in the market.

Ten years ago, a website designed for access on a desktop or laptop, then stuffed with keywords to guide the right potential customers to it, could be considered cutting edge. In web design and development terms, though, ten years may as well be a lifetime. Mobile planning is not merely a convenience, but rather a beginning point for you in setting up a website that people will use to find you.

1st in SEO can work with you to create content that not only brings people to your site, but gets them coming back as well. We will take the most current SEO techniques, combine them with compelling text and an understanding of both your business and the market in which you operate, and put it all to work for you. We will help you take your mobile web presence to the next level. You will never have to ask the question, “is your website mobile” again.

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