Is B2B Podcast is a Good Investment?

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18 / November 2019,

Is B2B Podcast is a Good Investment?

Podcasts aren’t new to marketing but the emerging trend has made businesses to pay huge attention to it. There are a wide variety of podcasts and includes live interviews, panel discussions, fully scripted and produced audio plays, cryptic monologue, and more.

The following statistics explain the importance of B2B podcasts.

  • 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly.
  • Podcast fans listen to 40% more shows than last year.
  • Apple features more than 525,000 active podcast shows, with more than 18.5 million episodes.
  • The average number of monthly podcast listeners will reach 112 million by 2021.

Here our Albuquerque SEO experts have listed a few reasons why B2B podcasts are good investments.

Professional Following

Podcasts have a very strong professional following and this is proven by a LinkedIn survey. The survey report reveals that the survey made among 2500 LinkedIn members, only 8% of respondents had never heard of podcasts. Over one-third of LinkedIn members were regular podcast listeners, and “that’s an audience of nearly 150 million.

Moreover, podcasts done by the leading Albuquerque SEO company have become more popular among the adults under the age of 35 who are passionate to expand their industry knowledge.

Authoritative and Personable

Podcasts create a special appeal by combining a conversational format with top-tier, reliable contributors or guests. Hence, podcasts can be a great way to share your message in a personable way.

Brings in More Audience

People look for podcasts by topics that they are interested in like other forms of content marketing. Moreover, it can be listened to by people when they are in their morning commute, doing household chores, walking the dog, and relaxing in their off-hours. B2B podcasts can be listened to without affecting the productive hours of the people.

High ROI

Unlike videos and animation, podcast are comparatively cheap to create and need only fewer resources. Since most of the podcast users are active on social media, you can introduce a new way to cross-promote your various channels and grow your brand.

High Retention

Podcast content are memorable as we are doing our visualization and it also presents many of the nuances of nonverbal communication — inflection, speaking tempo, laughter, sighs, and groans. It inputs more authenticity that is more challenging to find out in writing.


Podcasts have become a portable and convenient medium, as it can be used and consumed on mobile devices.

Today, unlike other Albuquerque SEO services, podcasts are used to engage customers and is used as a way to deliver answers to their customers’ most pressing questions. Hence it is used by business people to reinforce the brand and message with their customers. The Albuquerque SEO experts help the businesses better craft content that will resonate and respond with their customers and listeners.