Internet Security Services


internet security services pictureThe best websites, and best performing websites, create an interactive experience between businesses and their customers. Sometimes this means allowing customer feedback or posting user reviews on your site. Other times this means building e-commerce into your online offering. In either event, customers gain something from the experience, and your site rankings and customer loyalty increase in the process. Everyone wins.

As with most things in life, “everyone wins” comes with a caveat. Security breaches for your site can mean giving up customer login information—or worse, customer financial data. If you do not take steps to protect your data, the results can be devastating, both for those customers affected and for your reputation and goodwill. Nothing sends a company’s standing downhill faster than direct harm to its customers.

1st in SEO takes important steps to protect you and your customers. Using SSL encryption and building sites for HTTP/2 protocols means you can trust your web development with us. While no security system is foolproof, we use the best tools available to keep you and your customers safe.


SSL Certificates

ssl certified websites pictureEvery website we develop has a standard SSL certificate. This works by enabling servers and clients to communicate across an algorithm that provides an additional layer of security to communications, preventing hackers from intercepting and changing what the server sends back. Every time a customer sends something to your site, whether that involves personal identifying information or a credit card number, that data is encrypted. Anyone who tries to hack into the communication will only be able to see the IP address and port from which you are sending; the information itself is meaningless.


HTTP/2 and Security

In addition to the standard certificates, all of our sites are designed to operate on HTTP/2 protocols. While the most heralded advancement in HTTP/2 is site speed, the security features make a big difference as well. Both Chrome and Mozilla required the developers to include advanced security protocols before they agreed to support HTTP/2. What was originally seen as a potential inconvenience—standardizing encryption protocols for these sites—thus became a critical component.

This helps in two important ways. First, business owners do not have to choose between speed and security. They can achieve the load-time benefits of multi-layered TCP connections without risking their customers’ data. This opens the door to more video and animation content, larger image files, and generally richer content. You can develop your site with many more options in general.

Second, but related, you now have more incentive to build e-commerce into your web presence. A danger in requiring site visitors to leave your website before they can complete any purchase activities is that conversions tend to be lower. By employing HTTP/2 protocols, we give you the opportunity to get purchases directly through your website without fearing web connection slowdowns that interrupt the activity, and without fearing data theft during the process.


1st in SEO Is Your Trusted Web Designer

1st in SEO provides web design services that you can count on. The obvious aspects of this are web content that gets search results and web design that reflects and represents your business well. We create sites that you can be proud of visually, and sites that bring in viewers over time. We bring in the audience you need to help grow your business quickly.

Behind the scenes, though, it all starts with our security measures. Our website designs are safe, built on the most up-to-date security protocols. We give you more than mere marketing prowess and sales success; we give you peace of mind as well.