Instagram in 2018- The Game Changer for Your Small Business

08 / May 2018,

Instagram in 2018- The Game Changer for Your Small Business

According to CNBC, “Instagram now has over 800 million users worldwide and 500 million daily active users.”

With a growing audience and wider demographics, Instagram has grown from a fun app for teens to a powerful networking tool for individuals and brands. On average, users share 60 million images and like 1.6 billion posts every day.

The game has changed, and your business can’t afford to ignore Instagram any longer. But, if you are looking to gain more followers on Instagram in 2018, you need a creative strategy.

Here are some tips from an Albuquerque SEO company, that will help you stay on track in 2018;

  1. Create an Enticing Profile

If you want to grow your followers, you need to create a compelling profile.

But how do you appeal to your audience while staying true to your brand?

First, put a lot of effort into the visual component of your Instagram profile. Instagram is a visual platform keep this in mind when creating content.

Post stunning high-quality photos and consider implementing a theme.

Content should be a reflection of your brand, service or product but also something users will engage with. If you’re in a boring industry this will take some creativity.

Getting the content right will help you attract more followers.

  • Understand the expectations of your followers. Organize your Instagram feed before you post. A company that specializes in SEO in Albuquerque, can help systematize this.
  • Make use of Instagram Stories, they have a higher rate of engagement than normal posts. And, once you hit 10,000 followers you can include a link to a landing page or your website, making it a great tool for ecommerce and bloggers.
  • Bio – Your bio should focus on your target customer. Include a description of your business and include one or two descriptive hashtags. Always have a clear call-to-action in the bio.
  1. Focus on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories play a huge role in follower and even non-follower engagement.

Instagram Stories are visible on the explore page, which means, anyone can find and watch your stories. If they like your story, they might follow you too. 1st In SEO specializes in Web design in Albuquerque, they can help your business design and implement Instagram Stories as part of a wider marketing strategy.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are the key to Instagram, allowing users to find your posts.

Use up to 30 hashtags on each post. You can place them in the first comment of your post or as part of the post.

How to choose the right hashtag –

  • Analyze the hashtags that your target audience is using on their posts. Comment and engage with your followers.

Pick hashtags with less than 500,000 posts and make sure they are relevant to your content.

  1. Add Location to Your Instagram Stories and Posts

Click on the location sticker to add location to the Instagram story. Local businesses should make the most of this feature.

  1. Instagram Ad Campaigns

Though not as effective as the Facebook Ads for ROI. Instagram Ads can add more followers to your profile and convert at a high rate.

It’s best to start with a small budget. Then check the performance of the campaign after two days. Try two to three ads at once and measure performance. This A/B testing will help you understand what your audience likes, allowing you to pick the ad with the highest engagement and put your money behind it.

1st in SEO, an Albuquerque SEO company specializes in Instagram Ad Campaigns. They can also add thousands of followers to your Instagram account every month for as low as $100 per 1000 followers.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you stay ahead of the Instagram game in 2018 and reap the benefits that Instagram has to offer. The game has changed, and if you want more followers, you need a fresh approach in 2018.