How Your Web Design Builds Your Brand

11 / May 2016,

How Your Web Design Builds Your Brand

Your website is, for many of your potential customers, the first exposure they have to you and your company. In fact, it may be the determining factor for those deciding whether or not to do business with you. More than ever, your online presence represents the crux of your marketing plan and your presentation to the world. Because it holds so much importance to you, you need more than a cookie-cutter approach to design. At 1st in SEO, we work to create the best Albuquerque Web Design for our clients, to help you put your best foot forward.

Your Brand Identity

The first step in building your company’s brand is to create and present it to your potential customers. If you do not yet have a logo, we will work with you to create one. The logo should provide an image that makes sense for you, and projects the attitude that your company wishes to convey. A library would likely not use a jaguar in its logo, for example, while a law firm might.
Web Design
Once you do have a logo, you need to place it prominently on every page of your website. No one reading content on your site should have any confusion about whom or what the site is about. You want it positioned prominently, in a way that both fits the rest of the site and stands out from it. This means you need to select colors and images that complement the logo, both in terms of the visual blending itself and the connotations that arise.

You might use green to suggest intelligence or calmness, or red to symbolize passion, or many other colors that carry their own connotations to those who see them. The shades, designs, and visual lines should all come together to demonstrate what your brand is about.Beyond colors, your font choices and content layouts require thought and intentional development. The tone you strike visually affects a reader before that person can read a single word. When you work with us, you get the advantage of an Albuquerque web design firm that understands how the visual elements can all come together to introduce your brand to the world.

Help Them Remember

The introduction, though, is only the first step. Ideally, your website will so inspire your potential customers that they act immediately; they either buy something, make an appointment, or drive immediately to your physical location to do business. Realistically, though, you need to make sure that those who visit your site can remember you, either for a return to your website or for a visit to your location.

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes “stickiness” as a factor that helps people remember ideas or information well past the time they hear or see it. In the realm of web design, this concept is critical to your success. You want to make your message, and your brand, stick with your website visitors well past the time they spend looking at the website itself.

Fortunately, design elements can contribute to this. Consistency, repetition, and themes are three of the biggest factors in Gladwell’s analysis. When you place the logo prominently throughout the website, you give more chances for it to set in for viewers. You want to include it in the same place, couched among the same colors and design schemes, repeated enough to resonate in the readers’ minds. Each page then provides its own information, all of which
comes with the markers of your brand identity.

A good web design further enhances this effect by using links and navigation tools as breadcrumbs that lead visitors through the website in a way that helps you build on your brand identity. Your website tells the story of you, and you organize every page, and the connections among the different pages, to more effectively tell that story. We work as your preferred Albuquerque web design firm to help you make your story—and thus your brand—powerful and memorable.

Uniquely You

When you want to stand out in the market, one more element must be in place for you to build a memorable brand presence: you have to show how you are unique. You can and should use your marketing to show how good you are at what you do, but every one of your competitors is also going to claim they are the best. Your website thus needs to do more than say you are different; it has to show it.

This part of your branding effort could be considered the personality you display. The tone of your site should reflect this. You can complement the tone you will strike in your written content with the tone of your visual displays. If you want to present yourself as light and playful, for example, you can use lighter and/or brighter colors and themes. A more somber tone might come from black and white, or from darker shades. Similarly, a cleaner page design
and sans serif font choices can strike a much different tone from something more ornate. Every design element contributes to your branding, so you should take the time to treat it accordingly.

Ultimately, the web design you present to the world serves two primary purposes: to get people to see you, and to get people to act on what they see. At 1st in SEO, we work with you to first understand who and what you are, and then build a website that reflects your brand, purpose, and personality. We build SEO techniques into the design that help bring people to you, and put together a site that reflects you when they arrive. But beyond this, our

Albuquerque Web Design Service creates paths that lead your potential customers to become actual customers; we set up your site to show viewers who you are and why they should want to work with you.If you want to increase your site visits and generate revenue from those visits, don’t entrust your web design to just anyone. Contact 1st in SEO today, and we will help you give your brand to the world.