How Video Content Marketing Can Improve Your SEO?

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

01 / February 2021,

How Video Content Marketing Can Improve Your SEO?

Do you know? Online videos now account for 64% of website traffic, and it is expected to grow 80% of all traffic. The popularity of video has spread to marketing and advertising as well.

Many digital marketers are investing in video content marketing. Effectiveness is one of the significant reasons for this rapid growth in video advertising. Leading research estimates that “one minute of video equates to 1.8million words of text in the message communicated.” So, it is no wonder why you need to start thinking about investing in video content marketing. Let’s take a look at how video marketing can help enhance your digital marketing.

How video marketing help Albuquerque SEO?

Do you know a well-optimised video can increase the chance of rank higher on Google? Yes, a thoughtfully created video can grab the audience’s attention and convey the message quickly than texts. In fact, video ads can convey emotions, actions, and explain concepts and ideas easily. That’s why videos have about 41% high click-through rate than plain text, conversion rates, and ROI. The accessibility, ease, and immersion of video are the key factors that make people spend a long time watching the content.

If you can make an engaging video, people can spend more time on your webpage, which will increase the dwell time. The more time the users spend on your page, the better your pages will be ranked. Remember, Internet video traffic is expected to grow four times and constitute 81% of ALL consumer traffic by 2021. With so many people watching videos all the time, video content will help enhance your brand image on the search result page.

How to get your video content to the top of SERPs?

Here are a few tips from our digital marketing experts:-

Make short videos

No one is going to watch a video that is too long. Your video should be no more than 2 minutes. Of course, you can shoot up to 4 minutes. But, chances are higher that you will start losing significant viewers.

Translate your video script

Of course, Google is pretty good at analysing video content for context-based searches. But, translating text helps the bots crawl your content with more accuracy, which will increase the chances of featuring your video in SERPs.

Share your video on multiple platforms

The more platforms you share your video, the more visibility. Yes, upload your video ads on multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wistia, and other platforms. Make sure to cross-share between the platforms so that your video content gets reached and is always there when needed.

Optimise your videos

Well-optimised video ads can perform well in the search engine result pages. Speak to your digital marketing experts and find out how you can optimise the videos. Make sure the video metadata is relevant and updated. Add relevant subtext, descriptions, tags, titles, transcriptions, and subtitles to ensure your video is crawled by search engine bots.

Use high-quality thumbnails

Do you want to the user to click your video? Then use customised, high-quality thumbnails that will catch the eye. Include some text as well.

Video ads are your greatest digital marketing strategy. So, make sure to incorporate video ads into your SEO strategies. Need help with creating video ads? We, SEO Company, can help you.