How to Wield the Power of Online Presence?

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16 / May 2019,

How to Wield the Power of Online Presence?

Hey Google! — Undoubtfully we live in an internet driven world. Anything you need during your day can be consulted, found, heard of, read, researched, and proven on Google’s search.

Right from the best chocolate cake on Earth, the latest research on cholesterol, how to clean your washing machine, how to learn a new language, how to become a daytrader, anything could be found and learned here.

Business owners around the world should be thinking of how to score a high ranking in the search results, and how to use this powerful online platform. Read all about the basics of dominating the search engine result pages with search engine optimization.

The first impression of search engines like Google may look too jam-packed, but there are well-defined and smart ways to do search engine optimization.

Google Search Console

Once the website is developed and live, it may take some time to be able your website to come out in higher rankings of the search results. Using the keywords in SEO terms may not be enough or not of an immediate effect. Google Search Console is your very first step in announcing that you have developed a website and require a small push of indexing your site. You can hire an experienced SEO company to help you out.


Simply said, contact every authoritative website owner in your niche having a high volume traffic blog or website to ask for a shoutout with a link to your site. If this is not possible, any social media account of yours and business directories should be featuring a highlighted link to your business website.


The results of a search on a platform like Google depend on the efficiency of the keywords incorporated in your web content and index. The most compelling and productive keywords are not a simple word, where millions of results would be delivered. A more effective way is the use of two to five words phrases, a more detailed option to be searched for. Put yourself in the shoes of simple visitors to think and search as they would do. The answers to the simplest questions regarding your business are the most effective words or phrases to use as keywords.

Meta Tags

The meta titles and wisely chosen snippets of words do not come out on your website. These relevant descriptions of your site’s content are the most advantageous ways to persuade a potential customer to click on your website’s link.

Mobile Optimizing

More than 50% of people searching on the internet are using their smart mobile devices. Mostly because they are in need of an immediate answer or looking to get a service or buy a product.

The search engines recognize the websites to be optimized for mobile use and allow these to emerge in the first place in search engine result pages.

Being Local

Being first in your locality’s search results matters most. Filling in all the details in the local business database as working hours, address, telephones, and labels bring an immediate rise in traffic volume from your region. Take advantage of the best SEO services to build your presence online with effective optimization techniques.