How to Use Color to Enhance Your Website?

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

06 / August 2019,

How to Use Color to Enhance Your Website?

We see a lot of websites designed differently, depending on the content, message and author’s preferences. These websites have great differences ranging from font families and sizes to background color or image applications.

How you design and apply colors to your website also has an impact on how the readers will perceive your website. Colors set the mood for the readers. If you are not sure how to apply colors to your website, consult the web design Albuquerque experts who can help you identify the right colors.

These four guidelines can help you get started with the color application on your website. They are:

Compliment Your Brand with Website Colors

The colors you choose should represent what your brand is all about. If you have a unique brand color, then you can apply it on your website too. Use this decision to enforce the consistency of prominent colors between the brand identity and its online counterpart. Readers will easily relate to both if they speak in one voice. You don’t want your website to convey a different message from your brand.

Use Color Combinations Carefully

When you are using more colors be sure to gravitate to a certain rhythm. What color you use, its tone, where you place it and how frequently that color element appears on your website matters a lot. Do not just throw colors around. With colors, the important thing is rhythm and contrast. Combine the colors beautifully using the color wheel and online tools. Make careful decisions on primary, secondary and tertiary colors that appear on your website. You can hire a reliable web design company Albuquerque to assist you.

Consider Your Readers

Is your website appealing to the reader? Does it compel your readers to browse your site further? Is the text readable? Smart web design Albuquerque experts do not just design a website, they also ensure that the website answers all their readers’ needs. The site should be suitable and support easy and smooth browsing. The links, call to action, and other buttons should be made clearer using colors.

In enhancing website legibility, be sure to use background colors that contrast well with the text and the text color. Apply appropriate text size that will not make readers strain their eyes. Use the color wheel to help you here. Add elements that can help visitors with color blindness or are visually impaired.

Consider Cultural Meanings and Color Psychology

Since the website can be accessed by people from different time zones and cultures, it is important to understand how different groups of people think about certain colors. Depending on your intended audience, you can easily define such groups and their cultures. Some colors are also associated with a general feeling or mood. People automatically differentiate warm and cool colors and can, therefore, form an opinion when you use such colors on your website.  Most people associate the red color with passion and white colors with peace and authenticity.

You need to clearly define your website and your audience. The website design Albuquerque experts will help you understand and enhance your website’s appeal using the right colors.