How to Supercharge Your SEO with Google My Business Listing

Image by Parveender Lamba from Pixabay

05 / March 2021,

How to Supercharge Your SEO with Google My Business Listing

Google’s very own a Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to improve their online presence in the search engine platform and other relevant places. Creating or optimizing GMB listing is one of the first steps to improve your Albuquerque SEO. This, in fact will improve brand exposure and helps local businesses gain new customers. Here’s why you should use the power of Google My Business to supercharge your local SEO strategy.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

When users search for a nearby store on Google, the search engine displays a list of local businesses along with a number of information such as:

  • Business hours
  • Business address
  • Customer reviews
  • Contact information, and more

As a business owner, you can feed in the aforesaid details of your business to get discovered easily. Google has also recently introduced a feature that lets you link to articles and upcoming events. The power of GMB is inevitable for your Albuquerque digital marketing strategy, since its essentially free advertising. Even if your business is based online with no physical store, GMB would still be useful for you.

GMB Improves Visibility for Local Businesses:

Setting up a GMB listing is super easy. You’ll find new leads as soon as your business gets listed and displayed on search results. In the recent times, more search queries are becoming location specific and Google’s new algorithm favors user intent, so GMB will benefit businesses in a great way.

For instance, when users search ‘pizza near me’ and your pizza place has a GMB listing, it will be displayed on top of the search results, so customers can find you in no time.

4 Tips to Optimize Your GMB Listing:

Once you set up a GMB page, you have to add as much information about your business as possible. When people find your listing, they will click on it to check additional details including directions, reviews, and more. Follow these tips to optimize your GMB page.

  • Post a clear description about your business. It should summarize what your business is all about. GMB descriptions have a 750 character limit, so be sure to include every relevant detail in each sentence.
  • You can regularly add short posts/updates on your GMB page. You can write up to 1500 characters and add up to 10 images or videos. However, the ideal length would be between 150 and 300 characters.
  • Besides adding images of your storefront or products, add more images regularly to let Google know that you are active. An Albuquerque digital marketing company can help with this.
  • Encourage your customers to post reviews, which will be displayed on your GMB page. Good reviews will obviously bring in new customers. Responding to reviews will let customers know that you care about delivering the best experience for all.

Don’t skimp on this great opportunity to get your business discovered in a short time. Talk to an SEO company in Albuquerque if you need help creating your GMB listing.