How to Promote Events Effectively with PPC Campaigns

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16 / March 2020,

How to Promote Events Effectively with PPC Campaigns

Different businesses organize many kinds of special events such as product launches, special sales, webinars, and more. The organizers of the event can spread the word on social media and by setting up Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. Paid search is highly effective in promoting business events. Read on to learn how:

Creating a New Campaign:

Experts recommend promoting a business event with a new ad copy or image having a clear message. If you are running multiple events, creating separate campaigns for each of them will be useful to easily track the ROI and conversions. Also, allot separate budgets for each event to produce better results.

Promoting the Event with PPC:

Once you have set up a campaign on Google Ads in Albuquerque for your event, use the following tips described below:

  • Create Enticing Ads:

Always implement the best practices when creating an image ad or a text ad for your event. The ad copy should also include a good call-to-action that motivates the user to check your website and learn more about the event.

There are different guidelines set by popular ad platforms such as Google Ads that you have to comply with, before finalizing and posting the ad. You can also make use of countdown timers on Google Ads and integrate it to your ad text.

  • Geo Targeting:

It is pretty obvious that the target location or target audience for your ad campaign depends on where your event is about to be held. This is also determined by the type of your event. For instance, to promote a special sale in a local area, you target a town or city. But for events such as webinars, your target a specific country to reach a larger audience.

  • Custom Affinity Audiences:

If you are organizing trade shows, utilizing custom affinity audiences in Google Ads is strongly recommended. Custom affinity audiences is all about targeting an audience based on their likes and interests. With custom affinity audience, you input five interests and Google Ads will create an audience for you to target.

For instance, if you are promoting a health and fitness trade show, you input interests such as ‘fitness’, ‘bodybuilding’, ‘health’, ‘workout’, and ‘protein’ while setting up the campaign. Once you create and target a custom affinity audience this way, you would find potential customers who are interested in attending the event and trying out your product or service.

  • Time:

Setting up the right time to run your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign determines its success. You can choose to create a buzz around the event by running the promotion days or weeks ahead of the event date. For local events, you can consider running the campaign for a few days.

These are the useful ways of utilizing the power of PPC to promote your business event. Discuss with a leading PPC agency in Albuquerque who can help you in setting up and running ad campaigns delivering the best results.