How to Make a Powerful Landing Page in Less Than an Hour?

Image by Diego Velázquez from Pixabay

30 / July 2019,

How to Make a Powerful Landing Page in Less Than an Hour?

Your online presence as a business can only be felt if you have a professional website for your business. This does not end at just having a website, there are a lot of online hacks to improve your website traffic and rankings on search engines. One way to generate sufficient leads and also improve your conversion rate is by creating a landing page for your website. Lucky for you, SEO company experts can help build a quality landing page. Meanwhile, here a few tips to consider.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are different from regular web pages, even though they may have a few similarities. Landing pages are singular pages on your website that are created to help with conversion. The page has to be simple with select choices that the visitor can click on and access your services. The objective of creating a landing page is to simplify the purchase process and also get the visitors to click on them when browsing your website. You can consider SEO services to create one for your business.

Design and Layout

Landing pages have one simple message to convey and convert browsers into buyers. This means that the page design needs to work more on supporting that objective and make it more presentable. It does not have to include a lot but at least include headers, sub-headings, images and often you find buttons too. Unless you are an expert consider working with search engine optimization Albuquerque experts to build on your original concept.

Creating Your Landing Page

Here is a step by step guide from the best search engine optimization Albuquerque company on how to make a functional landing page today. Firstly, find a landing page template that you can use for the creation of your original. Find a fitting name for the landing site and name it. Your ideal name should revolve around your business services, business name or any other details that a client could need to identify your business. Find and add nothing but quality content for your audience to read. You can also supplement this by adding unique and high definition photos to match the content. Find the most relevant URL for your site and after ascertaining that you have functional CTAs and links, you can just add a few meta-descriptions and an SEO title and you are good to publish your site ready for use.


Once your landing page is complete, you have to drive enough traffic to it. The basic technique most businesses use is sending their landing page link to their email subscribers. One might also opt to share this link on different social media platforms. Other people prefer to create ad campaigns, for instance, PPC and link their landing page to the campaign for attracting all potential clients and subscribers.