How to Develop a Robust Digital Marketing Program during COVID-19?

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

06 / April 2020,

How to Develop a Robust Digital Marketing Program during COVID-19?

The world is facing a grave challenge due to the spread of coronavirus, but there is still some hope on the horizon. Most businesses have been crashed, due to COVID-19, while the grocery stores are left with empty shelves, while restaurants are deserted. It is a great chance for the brands to join hands together and empower the community. Digital Marketing can be extremely helpful with this purpose, if handled appropriately.

If you are a business owner, you might be looking for ways now to survive your brand, as the customers have started shifting their buying behavior. According to Coresight Research, nearly half of US internet users said they are at present keep away from shopping centers and malls. However, digital marketing is witnessing a sharp rise, as many major websites are seeing an increase in organic visibility after January 19, 2020.

Here are some digital marketing tips to take into account during this COVID-19 phase –

  • Get Connected with Your Consumers on Social Media – Everyone across this globe is facing the impact of coronavirus outbreak. We’re locked at home, kids aren’t going to schools, everyone is taking precautions, and we can’t visit our favorite places or friends. Sure, there are some inconveniences. But, this is the time to show your empathy towards others and offer your help wherever possible. This is a time, when we cannot be too salesy, but it is a time to make your brand stand out. Most people, who are locked at home, look out for latest news/information and try to stay connected with the world in their isolation period. Use your brand image to donate to food banks or help the people in need, and simultaneously put up your good deeds with the help of social media marketing to scale up your brand.
  •  Increase your Brand’s Visible Online – Now the traffic has reduced on the roads, but has considerably increased the traffic online. Most people are glued to their computers and mobile phones online, looking out for updates happening in their community, and entertainment to pass their time. So anything online is expended more than before. You ought to be using Albuquerque SEO strategies to ascend the SERP rankings, so that your business can be found easily, like – Google My Business Page, Social Channels, Content Marketing etc.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – It is the right time for businesses to make use of PPC marketing to associate with customers to gain a competitive edge. It is a great chance to save on the digital marketing expenses. After the COVID-19 outbreak the cost-per-clicks has declined by 6% across every industries, and even the CPC is expected to fall in the upcoming weeks. So, this gives your business an opportunity to take hold of the market share from others in this period.

If you are a business looking out for help with digital marketing, get help from a professional SEO company, who will work to help your brand get a competitive advantage over others!