How to Create a Perfect Landing Page?

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

11 / November 2019,

How to Create a Perfect Landing Page?

PPC landing pages are complicated but it’s one of the most important elements of lead generation. Many webmasters give more attention to the home page for their website design in Albuquerque as it’s the first room of your virtual store through which a visitor walks in. According to the recent research reports, “the average conversion rate for a website is between 1% and 3%, which means it’s only converting a teeny tiny portion of site traffic.” With that said, there is no point in relying on the home page for web design in Albuquerque to do the heavy lifting.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an important part of your website and takes the complement for converting more visitors into leads. On an average, landing pages have a conversion rate of 5 to 15%.

Here we’ve listed some do’s and don’ts of creating a landing page.

Align Headline, CTA, and Offers

Always remember, confusion is bad for conversion. So, while creating a landing page make sure to align headline, CTA, and offers to prevent confusion among the visitors and make it all clear to them. The writing must be crisp, clear, and straightforward. Get the help of PPC experts from a leading web design company in Albuquerque to write a compelling copy that addresses and solves the benefits of the visitors.

Website Design and Graphics

The website copy, web design and images must meet specific requirements and must be simple. It must be supported by a clear and bold CTA button.

Add Videos

Show your hard to describe products in motion and the video needs to be as relevant as possible to the goal of your landing page.

A/B Testing

Things such as testimonials, trust seals and more signal trust, and you must add them to your landing page to increase the conversion rate. This doesn’t mean that you must clutter the page with these signals but adding one or two will serve the purpose well. You must test them even though if your landing page doesn’t need it.

No Distractions

External links, social media links, sidebars, and site menus are some of the features that cause distractions. Adding these elements to your landing page distracts the user and sure, you do not want to lead your prospects astray when you’ve got them right where you want them.

Don’t Crowd the Landing Page

The ultimate goal of the landing page is conversion and adding different agendas on your landing page will mess with your goal. By presenting multiple different options, you don’t want to oversell your landing page. So, don’t clutter your landing page with different call to actions such as contact us, read this post, or more, like you do with your web design in Albuquerque. So, follow the do’s and don’ts listed above to do things differently and create the perfect landing page that really converts.