How to Combine SEO and Paid Search for Fast Results

13 / March 2019,

How to Combine SEO and Paid Search for Fast Results

SEO and paid search are different approaches for attracting visitors to your website. Since both approaches share the same objective, it’s best practice to combine the two for better results.

In Albuquerque NM SEO  tends to be less costly than paid search.

With PPC(Pay-Per-Click) results are immediate and as long as your campaign is optimized, you’ll begin to notice results right away.

While SEO costs less, it takes more time to produce ROI. For most businesses it takes between 3-6 months of continuous work to see results and is dependent on a number of factors like how competitive an industry is. However, SEO will provide you with longer lasting results.  

Both SEO and paid search are important for the success of your business. Most marketers and website owners employ the two approaches separately or exclude one in their digital marketing strategy, even though the latest data proves that using the two approaches together yields greater success.

Basically, both aim at the same goal of driving more traffic to your site. We’ve covered the advantages and limitations of both. As we’ve seen the combined use of the two approaches yields more results. SEO services Albuquerque requires time to start influencing the target audience while paid search is proven to deliver faster results. This fact positions paid search ahead of SEO at least in the beginning of a marketing campaign. Paid search is something you want to start right away if you’re launching a new business. This will guarantee conversions and leads while you wait for SEO to catch up.

How to Combine PPC and SEO?

Since both SEO and PPC rely on the power of keywords it’s a great idea to combine the keyword research you do for SEO and PPC.

Ideally you would begin with web design Albuquerque.

By starting with a website built with SEO in mind, you set yourself up for success.

Including targeted keywords from Google’s Keyword Research Tool or Uber Suggest in your title tags, heading tags and meta content will help Google understand your content and rank it appropriately. 

It’s also best practice to include these keywords in your webpage content. But make sure not to overdo it. Keyword stuffing doesn’t work, write informative content for your users that they will find valuable.

Don’t write for search engines.

Keyword Expansion

It’s important to keep evaluating keywords on a monthly basis.

Use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to determine which keywords are driving traffic to the website.

Try incorporating keyword variations you find in these tools into the content on your website.

Sometimes you may find that your ranking for keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. This is normal just keep refining your research and you will continue to track for variations of your primary keywords.

Test Different Content Strategies

Content is the key for your business to succeed on the internet.

Creating content like blogs, videos and infographics on a regular basis in your field of specialization helps your business stay relevant.

Make sure to incorporate the keywords from your research into this content and all of your social media profiles.

There are plenty of tools available that can help you optimize content and analyze what your competitors content strategies. 

Use Best Performing Ad Copy

Check out the Google Ads that are in the top position for your industry and mimic their titles and descriptions in your website’s meta content.

Many of these ads have undergone hundreds of iterations and are continuously tested for the best preforming keywords and descriptions.

This can save you a ton of time and frustration and will help you gain insight into how Google and other search engines rank content. Of course, all of this requires a ton of time and effort. If you want upgrade your business to the next level, hire the leading Albuquerque NM SEO experts today.