How Do I Promote My Business On Google Ads?

Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

09 / November 2020,

How Do I Promote My Business On Google Ads?

There are different ways in which Google can help grow your business online, and Google Ads is considered as one the best Pay-Per-Click Advertising methods. Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers a lot of advantages, when compared with the traditional methods like newspaper or TV ads, and one such advantage is, you can reach the targeted traffic at low costs. Here are a few suggestions from the experts in Google Ads Albuquerque to promote your business –

Local Service Ads

This local service ads is specifically designed for local services like electrical, plumbing, painting etc. Since these businesses are located locally and are hyper relevant they would perform extremely well. This feature does better on Google. For example, if someone looks out for a local service using the phrase ‘Near Me.’

Ad Extensions

The Ad extensions are links that shows up below the description area of the text ads. The most effective type of ad extensions are –

  • Sitelink Extensions – Businesses are allowed to add short pieces of information or description, which when hit, transports the user to the main page of the website.
  • Location Extensions – In this extension, your business address is affixed at the bottom along with the ad. Don’t miss out to include your business working hours. When clicked on this extension, it will lead you to Google maps pointing your location.
  • Call Extensions – In this feature, you are allowed to add your business’s phone number along with the ad. In case, if the user is using a mobile browser, he could call the business immediately using the number mentioned in the ad.

Google Product listings

If you are running a retail business, list the products as an ad, and let the people of your locality know that you deal with those products/services. This is a great way to appeal the people who are looking out for products in your store, especially in the targeted location.

Using Local Terms in Keywords

Including local keywords and the local landmarks is important when running your Google ads campaign. This will help leverage the local crowd for PPC advertising as well as SEO.

Establish a Google My Business Page

Creating a Google My Business Page will help your local web searchers find information about your business easily on the searches, and maps. The most important thing to note about Google My Business Page is, it is Free to use and helps with searches.

Remove Negative Keywords

In case, if you are already running ads, it is imperative to remove the negative keywords. This will help avoid unnecessary wastage in the ad spend. Also, using negative keywords will allow effective usage of budget for the right audience. You could always get the help of PPC Agency Albuquerque to identify and remove the right negative keywords.