Guest Post: Why Is White-Hat Link-Building Even More Important in 2018?

11 / May 2018,

Guest Post: Why Is White-Hat Link-Building Even More Important in 2018?

White hat link building is basically shifting SEO focus to the human audience who will read content rather than the search engine algorithms which make content more or less visible. This method of link-building furthermore takes every precaution to ensure the rules and policies defining modern search engines are properly adhered to.

This increases your page’s traffic, and is inherently user-focused, rather than algorithm-focused.

When your pages have more traffic, the links you’ve built into your content will likely be more effective. This is also a more dependable way to build up your online “footprint” in accordance with Google’s policies.

Those policies are continuously changing, and it can be hard to tell which direction they’ll go. Going the white-hat route is a good rule of thumb because you’ll be less likely to lose traffic through new search engine policies.

White hat techniques often do the same. When you go the black-hat route, and instead focus on the way in which search engines stratify results through varying algorithms, you get the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results you were looking for, but you lose traffic because users don’t get the information they need from the black-hat content, so they don’t click on anything and leave the page.

SEO techniques have been around for several decades now, and in the beginning, many focused on black-hat techniques because these seemed to produce more results for less expense; but the numbers advocating these techniques were and are actually somewhat deceptive.

Representative and Artificial Analytics

Getting to the top of a SERP means nothing if you don’t generate any traffic to your site. To be relevant today, a white-hat approach is virtually required, and this is one of the reasons using such techniques has a greater chance of maintaining your site’s relevance and effectiveness.

Like businesses are beginning to switch to the cloud, marketing agencies are becoming more centered around creating white-hat links for purposes of cost-effective marketing facilitation. The best professionals will keep their clients and their reputation clean, and if you’re new to choosing an agency, you can find a guide to that here.

You get more dependable results from the white-hat approach, as this approach doesn’t transgress policies, and generates statistics relating to traffic which are actually representative rather than artificially representative.

SEO techniques can provide some excellent analytical statistics, but if those statistics are artificially derived, then though they may appear to be positive, in reality, they’re defraying your business’s effectiveness in marketing. Meanwhile, SEO statistics derived from white-hat link-building are more likely to be trustworthy.

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