Google Discovery Ads – 4 Things to Learn About this Ad Format

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

12 / March 2021,

Google Discovery Ads – 4 Things to Learn About this Ad Format

Discovery Ads is one of the most recent ad products introduced by Google, to help users find new products and services. This new pay-per-click advertising format utilizes the power of machine learning to displays ads on Google Discover.

Just in case you didn’t know, Google Discover is a feed of information one would likely be interested in, and it’s displayed in the search engine giant’s mobile app. Depending on how you use it, personalized content will be delivered to you. Here are 4 things you need to learn about Discovery Ads.

Ad Placements:

Discovery Ads is available for Google Discover, as well as YouTube and Gmail. This format allows advertisers to present their product or service using images.

  • Millions of people actively use Google Discover, which is great for marketers to find new prospects from a large audience.
  • Discovery Ads displayed in your YouTube mobile feed, will have large images alongside a CTA beneath them.
  • As for Gmail, Discovery Ads will show up in the Social and Promotions tab.

What Does a Discovery Ad Contain?

A typical Discovery Ad will include the following:

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Static images
  • Business name
  • Call to Action

Up to 5 headlines and 5 descriptions can be added in a single creative for testing purposes.

Machine Learning:

Google continues to harness the power of machine learning across SEO and pay-per-click advertising. With Discovery Ads, the search engine giant aims to serve the right combination of headlines, descriptions, and images created by you, to your potential customers.

YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover feed are the three common places – apart from search – where users generally find or learn something new. Hence, it makes total sense to display relevant ads by examining your audience’s interests and activities.

While setting up the campaign in Google Ads in Albuquerque, there are several audience types you can use, including life events, in-market, affinity audiences, remarketing, and more. For a granular approach, you can create custom intent audiences as well.

Google is seeking to automate the process of ad optimization, so that advertisers can target more users to promote their business. After all, getting good leads is exactly what any business would want, as they are more likely to convert into customers.

Bidding Options:

For Discovery Ads, there are two bidding options available:

  • Maximize conversions
  • Target CPA

Maximize conversions bidding will automatically set the bids for you in such a way that you get more conversions based on your ad budget.

Target CPA, on the other hand, will produce the maximum number of conversions possible, depending on the cost-per-action specified by you.

With Discovery Ads, marketers can target their audience better. This ad format is also great for improving brand awareness. Even if a user doesn’t click your ad, there are chances for the conversion to happen. Talk to a PPC agency in Albuquerque, if you have any questions or need more assistance.