Gear up your Title Tags for Google’s 2018 Update

02 / October 2018,

Gear up your Title Tags for Google’s 2018 Update

Do you just toss a couple keywords in the title tag and convince yourself that you’ve optimized the title tags for your website in the right way?  Was your answer “yes?”

If so, then you need to rethink that strategy because there is so much more that you can do to optimize title tags.

Read more to discover the latest title tag optimization tactics from the leading Albuquerque SEO company, to help you improve the Click Through Rate or CTR for your website in organic search results.

What is a Title Tag?

The HTML Title tag is the main element of your web page’s HTML, it signifies the title of the web page. This title lets both search engines and people know what the page’s content is about.

There can be only one title tag per page and it will appear like this:

Sample HTML:


<title>Example Title</title>


Best format for the perfect Title Tag

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Optimal length

Google usually displays only the first 50–60 characters of a title tag.  Therefore, if your title is under 60 characters, then chances are that 90% of your title will be displayed properly.

Why should you optimize your title tags before the Google 2018 Update?

There are lots of so-called experts on the internet right now saying that it’s not worth focusing on something like title tags in 2018 but this is just not true. Here are three reasons why  Albuquerque SEO experts suggest taking special care to craft optimal title tags.

It tells visitors what your website is about –

The display title in the title tag is a visitor’s first experience of your website. Yes, even when your site ranks well, a good title can make or break a potential visitor’s decision to click or not to click on your link in search results.

They influence web browsers too –

The title tag is displayed on the top of the page of the web browser as well acting as a name card. This is helpful for the website visitors who have the habit of opening many browser tabs.  So, when you place the unique & recognizable titles fused with important keywords, it will help people to stay on track with your content.

Title tags impact social media

Many social networks use title tags to decide on what they display about your page. So, make sure that you provide the right content for the title. An SEO Albuquerque company can help you create unique title tags.

Follow these simple tactics to write the perfect title tag

  1. Watch your title’s length – though the limit is 60 characters, the size & shape of an alphabet also plays an important role in determining the display of the title. Try to avoid ALL CAPS in the title.
  2. Limit Keywords– avoid stuffing keywords in your title tags because it creates a bad user experience.
  3. Create a unique title – it helps search engines to understand that your content is unique and typically gets more clicks.

Need help to set your Title Tags right? Contact an Albuquerque SEO company today & get the best results.